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AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

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Personaliz​ing your Forum Profile--Add an Avatar!

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02-29-2012 10:56 AM
Personaliz​ing your Forum Profile
Original post is right here.

Given the robust  15+ year history of these forums, we thought it was about time to have a system in place to recognize our fantastic pool of contributors!  One key feature to a true online community is a system which recognizes and celebrates participation.  We are happy to announce that the Autodesk Forums now have this capability along with other features to personalize your profile
1. Recognizing & Displaying Level of Participation
From the time you join the community, your participation is recognized and displayed as one of several levels.  Participation levels are determined through a broad variety of activities, from active (post, tag, etc.) to more passive (visits, membership history, etc.)
New members  are recognized based upon their own level of participation in the community.  To reach the higher levels, however, requires input from other members of the community (like Kudos and Accepted Solutions).  So don't forget to give others Kudos when they are helpful, and do mark Accepted Solutions when someone solves your question or issue!
What does it look like?


Member: You have recently joined the community and posted a few times

user-contributor.png  Contributor: You are participating more often, great job!

user-mentor.png  Mentor: You have been around awhile and are helpful to others

user-super.png  Super User: You are a star, helping others regularly to solve their issues


How does it help you?

  1. As members of the community, there is visibility to the participation and recognition of your peers
  2. As you participate and rise through the levels, additional forum permissions will be made available
  3. At higher levels, we will offer more opportunities for engagement with Autodesk

2. Avatars
Select an avatar image to display next to your user information.  Just navigate to the Avatar tab under My Settings.  Choose from the standard set of images we provide, or choose a custom avatar from your uploaded images (available to Contributor and higher levels mentioned above).

To upload a new custom image, navigate to your user profile, click “View Images for…” in the image module now displayed in right column of the profile page), and follow steps to upload.


If you would like your selected avatar removed (have no avatar displayed), just message Discussion_Admin.  As with any content, you can also report inappropriate avatar images using the "Report Inappropriate Content" link on posts.

3. Signatures
You can add a simple signature to your posts.  Under My Settings, the signature field can be completed under Personal Profile-->Personal Settings.
Be aware that the signature appears on all posts and replies.  A large signature can tend to distract from the larger topic content, so try to keep signatures simple.  You may want to consider using Macros to add relevant information when applicable (system information, release information, etc.)

Eileen Foran
Community Program Manager
Autodesk Plant Solutions
Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: Personaliz​ing your Forum Profile--Add an Avatar!

06-12-2012 02:19 PM in reply to: EileenForan

I dont see an avatar tab under my settings, am I missing something?



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Re: Personaliz​ing your Forum Profile--Add an Avatar!

06-13-2012 11:11 AM in reply to: mfilipowicz



First let me welcome you to the forums.


To answer your question avatars become available as your forum rank increases you are able to use basic avatars at first then later on upload custom ones.


So just keep participating in the forums and before you know it they will be available to you.



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Re: Personaliz​ing your Forum Profile--Add an Avatar!

06-13-2012 11:14 AM in reply to: EileenForan

Ok Thanx,

    I guess I will be contributing more as I have been waiting 2 days for a support request to be answered.

Thanx for the reply


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