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AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

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Ortho Generation Stalls on 2nd step - Help?

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09-19-2012 09:14 AM

I got a serious problem.


AutoCAD Plant 3D 2012 (SP2, updated just as of today) suddenly decided to stop producing Orthos with different projects. We've managed to reproduce this error on two completely unrelated projects with four different computers in the company, with different drawings that have been working fine previously up until Monday. Closing and reopening the project, drawing, program, or Windows session doesn't fix it. 


All the models, and external references, and any nested external references within them have been double-checked and are located at (0,0,0), scaled at 1,1,1, and rotated to 0. All our blocks in the drawings have been scaled 1,1,1, and we are not using Overlays, the Xrefs are Attached. 


But when doing Ortho generation, everything follows through normally until the computer begins generating the Ortho view. It finishes Querying the Drawings, then starts on the second step "Collecting Geometry", upon which it almost stops without finishing and displays  "eCannotScaleNonUniformly" at the line of the command line. AutoCAD recognizes that something's happened, because if I name the Ortho View something like "FLOOR PLAN" it won't let me use the name "FLOOR PLAN" again. Unfortunately, it doesn't give me any results, no viewport, no change in the model, nothing.


On the other hand, on some simpler drawings, I still can create Ortho Views, but without XRefs, Attached or Overlaid. The Ortho generation is very important to what we do, so I need help ASAP.



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Re: Ortho Generation Stalls on 2nd step - Help?

09-20-2012 06:07 PM in reply to: Bravo-18

So, xrefs aren't really processed in the ortho drawings.  If you want drawings included, they must be a project drawing.  The ortho engine read the dwg directly and doesn't load the attached xrefs.


For example, if you load xref b.dwg into drawing a.dwg and then rotate the xref (b), and if be is a project drawing, when the ortho for a is created, b will not be rotate within the ortho.


Without seeing your models, I can't say for sure what is happening, but your issue may be related to not having all of the models included in the project.

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Re: Ortho Generation Stalls on 2nd step - Help?

09-21-2012 09:02 AM in reply to: dave.wolfe

Hello Mr. Wolfe,


All the drawings, down to every last one of the equipment models have been correctly created within or copied into the project using the project manager, I can see them in the project manager view under, and they're all accounted for; no broken links or dead folders. 


I don't have permission to release the models, unfortunately, I'll have to get back to you on that, I do not think I could. 



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Re: Ortho Generation Stalls on 2nd step - Help?

10-11-2012 12:37 AM in reply to: Bravo-18



We had the same problem with a project in 2012. When trying to create an ortho we also faild at step 2.

To solve it we had to detach unused dwg-files within the project, after that we could create the orthos as wished.

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Re: Ortho Generation Stalls on 2nd step - Help?

01-09-2013 07:53 AM in reply to: Mudbay

same problem here. someone needs to address this!

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Re: Ortho Generation Stalls on 2nd step - Help?

05-26-2014 06:06 AM in reply to: Bravo-18

We are having the same problem and is very serious since last Monday.
Unable to issue any "ortho" new project, or generate adjacent views, not creating a new DWG.
Someone could fix it? I could tell the way?
Thank you very much!


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