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Hatches in ortho drawings

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01-31-2013 03:43 AM

Hi, everybody!

I searched, but didn't find a topic with similiar problem, so I started a new one.


Is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to create hatches in Plant 3D ortho drawings?


When I add hatch to a closed boundary in ortho DWG (say, a Block that was created from a 3D solid), no hatch appears. Then, when I ROTATE my view under some ange (out of the orthogonal view) and zoom out, I can see my hatch. When I zoom in again, it disappears. I can't even select it.

I have set my view orientation to XY plane.

My hatches do not appear on layouts either (I added hatches in model space).

I tried both associative and non-associative hatch, no difference. Hatch is non-annotative also.

I also tried to create a now closed region (polyline) on top of my block and insert hatch there, no help.


Has anybody had the same problem?

Any help would be appreciated, this issue is driving me nuts




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Re: Hatches in ortho drawings

10-31-2014 08:07 AM in reply to: Jorgen1990

Hi Jorgen,


Did you manage to find a solution to this problem?


I know it's been ages since you asked the question, but I was playing around with it myself today and came up with this work around. I set my current layer to be 'Hatch' and set my colour to '8', then in model space set my UCS to tie up with the UCS of the view I wanted to hatch in ie right or front. I started the hatch command, chose the hatch settings and hatched the area I wanted by selecting the polyline outline of the entity concerned. There appeared to be a slight delay before the hatch appeared on the screen, but they did all work after a few seconds. Then in the layout (paper space), I double clicked in the view concerned to enter floating model space and thawed the 'Hatch' layer under the 'VP Freeze' column in the layer manager. This will have to be done with each viewport you want the hatch in . The problem with this is if you have multiple sections of the same area of the model all looking in the same direction, they get generated over each other in the model space, so the hatch you might want in one viewport will be visible in all viewports looking in the same direction. To get around this I hatched each item I wanted and then moved the hatch to be on the same layer as the item I hatched. This way the hatch will only appear in the view you want it as each view has a view prefix for added to each layer within the view. The hatch which was common to all views remained on the 'Hatch' layer.


Hope that makes sense and you can make use of it in future until Autodesk add some hatch functionality to the ortho view creation routine.





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Re: Hatches in ortho drawings

12-18-2014 12:44 PM in reply to: Jorgen1990

it might sound stupid, but if you create your hatches in model space and cannot see them in paper space -on what layer you create your hatches? ususally in plant 3d-created orthos ALL layers exept generated by plant 3D are turned off in viewports.

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