AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

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Export and import of settings.

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10-23-2011 10:42 PM



I stumbled across a seemingly simple issue, which i cannot resolve nevertheless. It more relates to P&ID section of Plant 3Dsuite, but the problem is universal. 


Our company lately takes fair amount of jobs for renovation of oil tank yards (adding new tanks, designing loading areas both thruck and railroad, etc). That means that the Client gives us a piece of as-built documentation and we need to design or re-design some pieces of it in order to fit new equipment into the existing facility. That inevitably leads us to the point where we cannot exactly implement our company standards for symbology and pipe naming.


So i happiy figured the how to transcend the blocks for my valves and custom equipment from project to project (i just copy the symbology file to new project, update it with some new variants and store last updated version on my backup drive), but how do i do this with, P&ID settings like classifications, custom annotaion styles and some other settings?


For example i have a custom line naming tag (Dn-Product-System-Section-Subsectioin-Insulation). I had to expand system classification with some values as well as insulation classification (i just need to indicate if insulation present or not - 1 or 0). I want to keep this additions so i don't spend well 2-3 days just to establish the framework for new renovation.


So i would greatly appreciate any suggestions on this matter. Also important matter being that i lve and work in Russian Federation, which means that any references to "do all your symbology and pipe naming according to PIP/ISO/DIN" are, sadly irrelevant. 


Best regards, Fedor

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Re: Export and import of settings.

10-24-2011 02:23 AM in reply to: F_Kulikovsky


The only solution I know so far to create a new project based on an existing projext.xml.


Attila Vallyon
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Re: Export and import of settings.

10-24-2011 03:42 AM in reply to: attila_vallyon

Thnks for the reply, i figured that much myself, but what if i have no access to "previous project" by any reason of your choice? I'm not that much of a programmer, but can i store all the data i described abouve in just 500 kb xml file? I see the project deployment as follows:

- have a copy of say "pip_metric_projsymbolstyle.dwg", my prg.xml (and xml i created while making some "template project"), format files with configured title blocks, etc on a flash stick;

- i start a new project and create all the hierarchy for new project (110 Mbytes of emply data FYI :smileyhappy: );

- i copy or otherwise rewrite paths to all those files and as a result im suspecting to see empty project with symbology and corporate standarts attached.


Anybody ever tried something like this and is that the wat it's supposed to work? Cause i'd rather not reinstall all my software yet again like that last time when i went all out messing with my xrefs and dlls.


Thanks for opinion in advance, 

Regards, Fedor


P.S. I'm a fairly experienced AutoCAD MEP user and all this was a lot easier to figure once i learned how to organaze and configure templates and catalogs.

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Re: Export and import of settings.

10-24-2011 11:24 AM in reply to: F_Kulikovsky



ACPlant Consult in Germany created a tool called PlantSync. This tool allows you to select a source project and copy/force symbols/labels,tags and all other settings over one or multiple other projects. It's real powerfull and the only tool out there that i'm aware off. More info about this tool you can find here




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Re: Export and import of settings.

10-24-2011 12:42 PM in reply to: F_Kulikovsky



I have experienced a similar problem with Plant3D 2011.  


Have you tried this tag on the forum for  "New Project based on an Existing Project" ?

It can help you as long as the new working projects require same or similar set ups (properties, lists, tags, block attachment points).


It should work but I don't know if this is realy what you are looking for.





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Re: Export and import of settings.

10-24-2011 11:20 PM in reply to: Roxana-Elena

Thanks for valuable input everyone.


I did obviously try the "New project based on existing" but as i say i can be put in a situation (like a remote office with no connection to main one) where i don't have access to any previous project whatsoever.


So in the end i can store symbols but can't store naming conventions, so in the event of renovation project i need to reestablish all the conventions i need. 


Is there anybody who figured the import/export option in project manager. I would have not brought up this topic in the first place if i knew how this option works. I'll make a push for it today unless some kind Autodesk developer shows up to help us all out.


Regrads, Fedor.

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Re: Export and import of settings.

09-27-2012 04:33 AM in reply to: F_Kulikovsky

Hi, Fedor!


I am facing a similiar problem. We are currenly developing a system where all our new projects will be based on a single "Default project", which has all the settings, title blocks and so on configured to our company's needs.

I have more or less finished configuring general properties and isometric settings, but I haven't done anything with P&ID settings. My co-worker, who mainly works with P&ID-s, has his own "default project" on his computer, where he has configured P&ID settings the way he wants, drawn custom P&ID symbols and so on.

Now I would like to copy his P&ID settings into the "Default project" I created. How could that be done without manually changing all the settings from Project Setup again? As the first step,I copied the projSymbolStyle.dwg file from his project into "Default project". Now I think I should find some .xml file, which contains the P&ID settings (configured via the Project Settings interface) and then copy-paste the P&ID part of the code. But which .xml would that be? Project.xml contains very little information.



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Re: Export and import of settings.

03-05-2014 01:14 AM in reply to: Jorgen1990

Hi all again


I wanted to bring this topic up again, because I haven't still found answer to the above question. Is it possible to copy P&ID settings (symbols, tag formats etc) from one existing project to another existing project? I know I have copied Isometric settings this way, by copy-pasting some code in .xml files in text editor.

OR is the only way to create a new project and copy all existing drawings to the new project?



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Betreff: Export and import of settings.

03-05-2014 01:27 AM in reply to: F_Kulikovsky



just follow the link in MSG 4


cu cw

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