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Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

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08-31-2011 11:15 AM

Could someone post the steps to creating new custom iso symbols. After you create your custom symbol in the IsoSymbolStyles.dwg and add parameters, do I just go into the IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml and just add a skey and map it to the name of the acadblock created? Does the skey have to follow certain criteria? When assigning skey to a specific part through properties window, do you do it like this....   SKEY= (skey I assigned to acad block), TYPE= (name of acad block assigned in  IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml)? Does IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml  show all skeys availiable in 2012? It seem like isogen contained many more skey/iso symbols. Please someone point me in the right direction on this.





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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

08-31-2011 01:55 PM in reply to: chad70811


It's correct what you explain. But remember to create components separated of joints. For example, you go to create new valve (the easy mode is from one existent valve and "save as") and his name is knifemyvalve (of the block). Save it and then in xml you creeate new line where write:

<SkeyMap SKEY="RR??" AcadBlock="knifemyvalve" /> 

where RR you can change to other letters.

 Then go to catalog editor, create new valve and in the SKEY indicate RRFL for example (where FL is the flange connection). And in the type VALVE.

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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

10-26-2011 08:01 AM in reply to: ybogdanov

Heres the start of a list of how to create new parts and ISO symbols for 2012


These are the steps I took

1. Drew up the model in AutoCAD

2. use plantpartconvert

3. created new component with Spec editor

4. for SKEY I used EXFL and for ISO Symbol I used Expansion (orignally I used MISC component)

5. I added a line in the XML script that says

<SkeyMap SKEY = "EX??" AcadBlock ="Expansion"/>

6. I went into Project settings under the ISOmetric section, title block and border, Edit Isometric Symbol and created a new Symbol for Expansion (it does not show up in my ISOs). In my drawing I made sure to add grip points.


I need help with the final step in connecting the 3dmodel with the ISO symbol


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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

10-26-2011 12:26 PM in reply to: JRPalmer

The SKEY you put in the Catalog is the link. The SKEY entry in the XML file links to an AutoCAD block symbol for the Iso.


Catalog Item SKEY -> XML file mapping SKEY to AutoCAD Block -> AutoCAD block inserted on Iso

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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

10-26-2011 12:43 PM in reply to: TomislavGolubovic

Where do get the ( Type=*****, SKEY=*****) "type" part of the Skey string from? Why isn't the skey for a 90 elbow (type=fitting, skey=elbw) instead of (type= elbow, skey=elbw)? Can someone clear up the " Type" part for me?




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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

10-28-2011 11:40 AM in reply to: chad70811

To answer the "why" is difficult. I can speculate why the people who started with the PCF file did it this way. We did it this way to be compatible with everyone else who uses the PCF file as a piping data transfer mechanism.

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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

10-30-2011 02:55 PM in reply to: chad70811

i think the type just sets where in the data manager it is listed

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Re: Creating custom isometric symbols in Plant3d 2012?

10-31-2011 08:19 AM in reply to: Rich.O.3d

We've just posted an article that goes through this in detail.


The type is known in other programs as a PCF Identifier.  In Plant 3D it not only changes where an item is placed in the Bill of Material, but the annotation that are available are dependent on the type as well.


We definitely need more documentation on what types provide which features on the isometric.

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