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Specific Functionality: Does it exist?

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03-12-2009 09:24 AM

Regarding TO/FROM is it possible to change how TO/FROM links line segments together?

For example

I have a tank --------- reducer --------- pump Single pipeline is connecting the two. Reducer causes 2 pipe line segments

Tag: P1 Size1
FROM: Tank
TO: P1 Size2


Tag: P1 Size2
FROM: P1 Size1
TO: Pump

What I want is for it to say something like

Tag: P1 Size1 OR P1 Size2
FROM: Tank
TO: Pump

I want connections only to apply from equipment to equipment, unless its a branch from a pipe (like a bypass) then it should say from Pipe to Equipment or Pipe to Pipe

I know I can do this manually by hand, but I want this to be done automatically to some extent. This was already done by hand previously with ACAD 2009 and took countless work by our mechanical department. TO/FROM is needed for piping isometrics

This also affects my line list, so then that P1 Size2 is not counted as another line. The goal is to simplify my line lists and improve the TO/FROM.


Getting Valves/ThreewayValves to pick up line segment (or group?) number they reside on. This is also important for our mechanical department because similarly a person would be going around by hand writing down what line number a valve resides on.

At the moment, I set up an acquisition property for valves to pick up line segments tags that they are in-line with. This works to an extent except when two line segments attach (ie a Threeway Valve or Reducer); In that case no tag is acquired.

I understand this may be possible by way of Line Groups but I have not had a chance to test this out (no time!). An idea for this is to tag the entire line groups seperately (ie have the line segments on different groups) and set the valve to acquire the line group tag property. This will work, however it will cause a double-count in the valve list (not bad, but not the most elegant solution).


This is similar to the second request/question. I have instruments which are physically part of the line, but drawn as follows.
A pipeline segment is drawn, an instrument bubble is placed beside the line. An instrument supply line is drawn to the instrument from the pipe.

I want this instrument, or a valve on the instrument supply line to pick up the line segment's tag or line segment group's tag when connected in this fashion.

Right now, I have setup instrument supply line to acquire a To/From property in the same way that the pipe line segment does it. So what happens is:

Tag: ?
To: ?
From: P1 Size1

I set up the instrument to acquire the "From" property of tubing (instrument supply line). This works but is entirely dependant on how it is drawn. If I draw from the instrument to the pipe this method fails. A valve on the instrument supply line I have added another acquisition similarly to acquire the "From" property of tubing.

These also are important as it was done by hand before. The valve, instrument, instrument supply line should all link to that pipeline segment or group it was attached to.

Fourth: (And Final)

Similar to #1, but a spinoff of #3. I need to setup To/From property for all signal lines, such that they properly acquire tags of instruments AND equipment.

For example

PUMP------------instrument supply line--------- instrument -- - - - - - electric line - - - - plc

I want the instrument supply line to say:
Tag: ?
From: PUMP
To: Instrument

I want the electric line to say:
Tag: ?
From: Instrument

Similarly the importance of this is to link the instrument, or plc to the pump itself. Just like it was linked to the pipeline in #3.

Most of this functionality was present in Bentley PID which we used before. It would be surprising and a large shortcoming if this is not possible with AutoCAD PID 2009.

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