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Wire command and other irritations

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01-26-2003 09:37 AM
I wish Autodesk would get the message that real engineering firms don't use their software the way the programming nerds are designing it. I had a license for the old Softdesk before S8, and it had the easiest wire command. Softdesk managed to screw it up with S8, and Autodesk had done nothing to correct it, even though i have spoken to about 6 people at Autodesk about it. All you had to do was start the wire command, and set your running osnap to quadrant, and start picking the top or sides of outlets. The wire dommand would allow you to pick the quadrant, go out in space to pick the second point, go to the next outlet, pick a quadrant, go to the next point out in space, go to the next outlet, and so on. At the end of the last outlet, you would right click, it would ask if you wanted a hoemrun, and you could answer yes or no. You could also place ticks if you wanted. Now, the software is supposed to be smarter than you are, and places the wire with an arc height. But this does not allow you to go around objects. It is so bad, I just use the arc command. Just give me back the 3 point arc feature, please!

I don't know of anyone who uses the load feature of outlets, since you don't know what the panel balance will be. They spent too much time on gee whiz things that no one uses, and not on real world features. I agree with negative comments about the bunding (or should I say bungling) of mechanical and electrical. Most MEP firms have mechanical and electrical departments. This was Autodesk's way of forcing us to buy more expensive software that we don't need. We are an electrical only firm. We work with 2 mechanical only firms. Guess what we all had to buy, and who was the winner.
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