AutoCAD MEP Wishes

AutoCAD MEP Wishes

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Several very needful MEP Wishes - hidden lines, styles, psd's, schedules, etc

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07-26-2012 01:51 AM

1. Hidden lines in any viewport, even in isometric and perspective (the same as in plan view) - look at Magicad!

2. Schematic representation of mv parts by style/selection (not while creating mv part, but in drawing)

3. Hidden lines for schematic symbols

4. Saving styles in a drawing, even if representatives of styles are absent/deleted

5. Custom automatic (automatically attached)  property set definitions

6. Pipe center lines and hidden lines for sections/elevations

7. Total pipe length by style/connection size as automatic property for psd within drawing, even using multiple xrefs


These are most urgent

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Re: Several very needful MEP Wishes - hidden lines, styles, psd's, schedules, et

09-29-2012 10:48 AM in reply to: Alex__D

While I'm no expert on MEP, but am always trying to learn more, I believe all of these are available if you do a little bit of customizing. Check the Display Configuration to show center lines. Change the linetype to Hidden.


As for the "Custom Automatic Property Definition" ... How can autodesk POSSIBLY predict EVERYONE's Custom Property Sets, names, endless combinations, and have those all automatically attach to objects. The key word here is Custom.


AutoCAD MEP out of the box may not have these features you desire, but with some research and self-education you can easily achieve what you desire.

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