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Please allow the following three privileges to be returned to us

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10-13-2009 10:04 AM
Please kind sir's I beg of you to find in your hart to allow the following three privileges to be returned to us?

1. The ability to toggle between acad snaps and MEP snaps like V2008.
2. Return collision detection and yes we know about Interference detection.
3. Could you PLEASE give those of us who do not find the ribbon functional an option to use standard toolbar’s and menu's like you had in v2009.

We are really only asking to have these items/features returned to us, is that really to much to ask? It's not like we are pulling an Oliver Twist here and daring to ask for more.
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Re: Please allow the following three privileges to be returned to us

10-13-2009 12:42 PM in reply to: RibbonHater
Hi GolfBum -

Thanks for your post. Here's some information for you:

1. This is one of the top requests we've been receiving. We are looking into options to provide this much-requested functionality to our users.
2. Collision detection has been restored with AutoCAD MEP 2010 Product Update 1. You should see a link directly inside the product in Comm Center or you can go to this link:
3. There are ways to restore the "classic" toolbars and menus but please note that they have not been updated for 2010. In addition, menus and toolbars are not being updated/maintained as new releases become available. This is to provide consistency across multiple Autodesk products and help users move between various products as needed.

To restore toolbars and menus, you can search these Discussion forums for guidance. If you're on Subscription, you can also contact Product Support for guidance.


Toby Smith, PE, LEED AP
AutoCAD MEP Product Manager
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Re: Please allow the following three privileges to be returned to us

08-02-2010 05:03 PM in reply to: tobysmith

Hey ribbon hater....


Who pays the bills around here anyway?


BTW - My ribbon has locked up. It does not function. I have to go around it anyway. (sarcasm) This is productivity!


Is the ribbon architecture so complex that you couldn't migrate it to something that has a classic feel?


Is this Autodesk's way of saying you can buy the program, but you can't run it without purchasing the subscription?







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