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Get rid of the ribbon

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06-28-2011 10:32 AM

It still sucks (MEP 2011), it's still very difficult to manage - seems to bloat p in a workspace without any apparent instigation, it's still full of ambiguous tab naming naming; ie, in a ribbon panel right click the list of tabs on/off has many dupplicate names that are unmanageable without some kind of discipline specific prefixing (see image), it's still slow/hesitant (yeah I've got a decent card and machine), it still takes up way too much real estate - at least make it modeless so it can be moved to a 2nd screen or somewhere other than right in fron of your face.


In general, the ribbon's great for new users or infrequent users who just want o access basic commands, but needing those obscure ones every now and then (like find BLDGSYSPURGE on the ribbon in under 5 minutes) is a total PITA.


What's wrong with toolbars and pull downs?  They stay where they're at.  I don't need or even want "context sensitive" response by this software.  Many times when I select items I want to do something I had showing, not do something that autodesk gueeses I might want to do.  Even the context sensitive guesswork that was slapped together lacks some obvious actions.  SO I have to wait the 1/10th sec it takes to guess what I want, click Home again (assuming it's the "right" Home tab), wait for it to switch back, and then do the command that I could have accomplished in one click.


This kind of BS seriously makes me want to get away from CAD sometimes - I feel like I'm wasting so much time figuring out how to do simple things (or reconfiguring my cui workspace after finding it's mystically changed itself to include every tab available) that I can't focus on esign and layout.



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Re: Get rid of the ribbon

12-22-2011 06:16 AM in reply to: DaveDrahn
I agree 100%. I am running a i7 8core machine with 16 gigs of ram blah blah blah. I hear that all the time as a suggestion. We try to open a sheet file with xrefs that are no larger than 5 to 10meg in size and it takes upto 60 minutes to open. And that's if it doesn't crash in the meantime and ask to.submit the good old submit. Ya I have seen that resolve something. Gotta love when its asks you what you were doing when error occured. I usually reply with "i was working" or "looking at the Bentley website". I've added my email address, heck I even put my phone there and begged them replies.
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Re: Get rid of the ribbon

12-22-2011 11:31 AM in reply to: DaveDrahn

Make sure you have the latest MEP and Win7 updates.  And I still think the ribbon has been a horrible production killer. For you, autodesk, to release new versions with toolbars and menus stripped from the OOB install is in my view unconsciable.  What possible rational reason could there be for that?


As CAD mgr, we won't upgrade unlees there is a compelling reason and ribbon-only releases are certainly a compelling reason no to.

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Re: Get rid of the ribbon

03-01-2013 06:47 AM in reply to: DaveDrahn

I agree.  As a long time user of AC, the last 10 years have added a complexity that isn't warranted.  I still believe AC2002 was the most user friendly version and comprehensive program Autodesk has released.

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