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12-02-2010 04:21 PM

It would be nice to have all the commands (hidden or not) be listed in the users manual. The trouble I am having is that we are building our own content library and adding some other information, such as part numbers, mfg, weight etc. Thats the easy part. The hard part is that I was trying to set up some conditional formatting for one of the dimensions on a valve. It was pretty simple, if the valve size is under 3/4 then I want my valve stem to be 1/4 diameter, if its under 2 then diameter is 1/2.....and so on. That part is not that hard either. I can test it in the parameter configuration, set it to the custom1 variable and test it by changing my D1 value and see that it works. So now, I have no idea how to link that to one of my variables in my parametric part, for example BdyD4. So in trying to find something via google, I found a few, not a list of suggestions, I learned of a new command called pfadvanced. Interested in finding out about that command? Do a search for it in the help file.....not there! What is up with that!! I can find no examples on how to get these features to work. The google search that led me to these discussion groups was dated back to 2003!


Please if you are going release the stuff, please please please add the documentation to explain the purpose of it and even a small example on how to use it. Heck even a Hello Autodesk example....

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