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AutoCAD MEP General Discussion

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MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

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02-17-2010 08:39 AM
In the last few weeks, we've installed MEP 2010 (an upgrade from 2008) on all computers in our office. 2008 wasn't great, we were hoping for an improvement by going to 64 bit and adding RAM, but we didn't get it. This software is just terrible to use. Is there something we can do to speed it up? We do have some computers with dual quad-core processors, but they don't seem to run any faster than the other machines. Typical computer specs are below.

Everything about 2010 is just painfully slow. There seems to be a lag of 1/2 second to 3 or 4 seconds for every task you do, from editing text to selecting simple devices like receptacles and circuiting. Anytime anyone selects a receptacle (for instance), there is about a 1.5 to 2 second lag before the computer will respond again. Opening files takes minutes, and occasionally it will take so long that you give up and shut down the software (after waiting 10 to 15 minutes). Every process is so painfully slow it seems like our CAD guys spend less than half of their time working and the majority of their time waiting on computers. It is maddening to spend nearly six figures on software and have it operate so poorly.

The file sizes that we are working with are generally in the 1MB to 1.5MB range, typically with 2 to 5 other drawings inserted by x-ref.

Typical Computer specs:
Quad Core Xeon 3.2GHZ processor (Dell Precision 690)
Windows 7, 64 bit, fresh install
Video: ATI Fire GL V3400

What can we do to speed up the process? Are there settings/features/menus or something else we can disable to make AutoCAD faster? When I open files from projects we did 8 years ago without all of the object oriented devices (receps, fixtures, circuiting, etc.), the files open in seconds and they are very easy to use.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-18-2010 08:55 AM in reply to: SteveR...
It may be your video card. Although I'm just guessing, because I was having similar issues. I just recently built a system for my company.

Intel Core i7 920 2.66 GHz, overclocked to 3.2
12 GB Memory
Nvidia Quadro FX 4800
Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-Bit

I was having performance issues so I had to go here ( to get the single driver that would work properly. When I would install the latest driver from Nvidia's website, rather than the older driver from the autodesk's Graphics Hardware List, it would perform horribly.

Sometimes I still do have performance issues though. I've tried several different tweaks, but nothing has seemed to make much of a difference.
This may help.( If you haven't seen it already. Otherwise, maybe anti-virus software is slowing it down.

.. hope some of this helps. I'm also interested to hear if anyone has some additional performance tuning advice.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-19-2010 09:22 AM in reply to: SteveR...
I'd recommend filing a support request so we can dig into the issue(s).

However, one thing I have seen in the past is that migrating a profile from one releast to another can cause this problem. You may want to try going to a 'clean' out of the box profile, opening the drawing, and making the same types of edits, and see if they are any different. Product Support can step you through this process.

Martin Schmid, P.E.
Product Manager - Revit MEP
Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-19-2010 03:24 PM in reply to: SteveR...
I feel your pain brother.

I know the LAG you speak of and it drives me nuts. It kills your work flow.

A few things that have worked for me:

1. Turn off all the dynamic input

2. Turn off the quick properties

3. Search this group for the link to download the files and instructions to REVERT BACK TO AUTOCAD CLASSIC and get rid of the ribbons. Autodesk needs to make this an easy option for MEP 2010 and any future releases of Autocad. I HATE RIBBONS. If they provided anything useful or made autocad faster to use I would be all for them, but all they do is SLOW DOWN THE ENTIRE PROGRAM. Make them optional at least geez. It really seems that the only people who actually like this ribbon crap are people who just learned Autocad and that is all they have ever used OR casual Autocad users who just need to open a file an look at it, but EVERY "power user" I know can't stand them.

4. Make sure your video driver is up to date and you have the latest Autocad MEP service packs installed.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-22-2010 06:37 AM in reply to: SteveR...
We suffer from slow performance as well.

My only comment on your specs is be aware that a V3400 has about the same hardware grunt as a Radeon 9700-9800 which isn’t very powerful. Also the 'workstation' features that the FireGL drivers have don’t work with Vista so therefore won’t work under Win7 (check the help document under 'Workstation' if you don’t believe me).

Although I don’t think you issues are graphics card based. I am guessing you are on a network with server located files? We seem to suffer from slow network access through MEP. Have you tried copying the files onto a local hard drive, disconnecting the network and seeing if that is quicker?

We recently watched a demonstration of MAP software’s CADMep running on a basic laptop with 2gig of ram and onboard graphics. It had no performance issues compared to similar operations in Autodesk MEP.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-22-2010 09:02 AM in reply to: SteveR...
Just a heads up MAP software for ELECTRICAL work.

I went through their demonstration, and it was beautiful BUT of course their DEMO was performed on their own laptop on their own DEMO file with their "super duper everything unlocked" hardware dongle installed. It worked perfect and did everything I was looking for. But the sad truth seems that with out everything unlocked in their software and without their carefully set up demonstration file, their CAD-Elec/CAD-MEP software is buggy pre-beta software.

We bought the software a year ago, and still to this day we have yet to get it to work properly. And very little customer support.

From my experience their software seems designed for HVAC and Mech. Piping work and for that use it seems to be the best thing out there, but for electrical it needs a lot of work. For instance if you try to draw a conduit run, the fittings are part of the piping library, and with electrical you don't have the piping library unlocked so basically as soon as you get to a point where you need any conduit fitting, the entire program crashes. This means you can't draw conduit, which means the program is useless for about 90% of what we do.

After a lot of back and forth, and hours on the phone with them, they sent me an update that didn't do anything, after that I can't seem to get anyone on the phone except for an occasional sales person who wants me to buy more licenses, even though their program doesn't work. The frustration I endure dealing with MAP software makes me HAPPY to do deal with Autodesk products. Which in a way is pretty sad, because really it is just the lesser of two evils. At least I get a response from Autodesk.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-24-2010 07:32 AM in reply to: SteveR...
Wow. I can't believe the responses you got Steve. It is not you, really. It is the MEP.

I, too, have experienced what you are speaking of and I don't think anyone here gets it. I just upgraded from 2009 vanilla to 2010 MEP. I run my own company and having just personally shelled out what I did for this garbage called 2010 MEP is unsettling to say the least.

First off, the issue I am experiencing (and you as well I assume) IS NOT a "you need better hardware" or "tweak your settings". I feel very confident that I have both of those addressed and yet I am seeing the same problem. MEP functinos are just outright sloooooow.

I am running win 7 ultimate 64 bit, 8 gigs of RAM, quad core extreme proc, ridiculously fast SSD's and three video cards in SLI. My procs and video cards are supercooled by chillers. Every piece of hardware in my PC is hand selected for highest quality/fastest speed and is about 1 year old. I am a total computer geek, have been a custom system builder for 15 years and by any stretch of the imagination I have total overkill when it comes to hardware. Benchmarks lead me to believe the very fastest workstation commercially available today has about a 18% edge on my system.

Software and experience:
I have extensive experience with AutoCAD having mastered R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009. My system as described above can run previous versions of AutoCAD at a blistering pace and the vanilla functions of 2010 seem to be fine too. Case-in-point, I plot full size sheets to PDF about 3 pages per second (Hint - Use CutePDF with "Append" Feature - Blows Adobe away in speed).

But when it comes to MEP specific functions like laying pipe or ductwork or tossing in any form of a smart fixture there is regularly a HUGE pause intermittently as the app is loading a library of sorts or God knows what. I use nearly exclusively hot keys and custom lisps and as such I run several commands a second (depending on commands obviously). So a multi-second delay is an absolute killer to my productivity. This si honestly why I justify stupid money on hardware.

The delays are so bad, they reminded of running Word 97 in Windows 95. Oh yeah.

Plus, I can't believe Autodesk actually REMOVED the menubar and is forcing me to go out on forums like this to find one (which is why I even saw this thread).

Good luck Steve. Lets hope Autodesk cleans their code soon like Windows did with 7. The MEP features look very promising, if they were so freaking slow.

One other thing I should add. I have only been running MEP 2010 for about 2 days now, so this is a "first impression". I will repost if I find a way to improve the MEP side of things.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-24-2010 07:42 AM in reply to: SteveR...
Make the changes I suggested and the program will run and look pretty much exactly like the pre-2010 versions. I have no lag at this point.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-24-2010 08:01 AM in reply to: SteveR...
Here is the zip file to set up the classic Autocad workspace with menus/buttons instead of ribbons. Follow the directions included in the zip file step by step.

And Make sure to turn off the dynamic input and quick properties.
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Re: MEP 2010 - painfully slow to use

02-24-2010 08:02 AM in reply to: SteveR...
> {quote:title=peachsb wrote:}{quote}
> The delays are so bad, they reminded of running Word 97 in Windows 95. Oh yeah.

haha, nice

Well you know, it would be nice if Steve posted back and gave us an update... Steve..? Are ya there Steve?

I've just been thinking, since I've had other issues with some games on 64-Bit Windows 7 as well.. Could most of these problems be a compatibility issue between 64-Bit Win7 and MEP 2010? Because I was on a 32-Bit Vista system with MEP 2010 before. It was a Gateway that my company had picked up from Best Buy, with a GeForce 8600 GT. The entire computer maybe cost around $1000. Now I've built this new system (specs are in second post) for around $3400, and it doesn't seem to be running much better than my old computer. Now I've been curious to see if it would run better if I put 32-bit Vista on my current system.

Obviously very frustrating...
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