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just checkin... Trench Drains?

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07-16-2003 10:30 PM
I don't see trench drains anywhere... am I right that ABS doesn't have any yet? or am I nott looking in the right place to find one?
*[Autodesk], jason martin
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Re: just checkin... Trench Drains?

07-17-2003 02:26 PM in reply to: bil-with-one-L
As I guess you've figured out there are not any trench drains availible as
of yet.

Sorry :-(


"bil-with-one-L" wrote in message
> I don't see trench drains anywhere... am I right that ABS doesn't have any
yet? or am I nott looking in the right place to find one?
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07-17-2003 07:03 PM in reply to: bil-with-one-L
to be honest... if I had a job where I just created made to order mvparts I would be in heaven... I love creating 3D parts... 2D cad is so boring... i was excited to find out that there were no trench drains... I'm even visualizing methods to create trench drains of various lengths widths and depths... I'm not sure if this could be done via the parametric option of content builder as it could become quite detailed... but as a manual method you could create a 2", 3", 4" and 12" section. Since most trench drains shouldn't be less than a foot in length... you could just connect together any combination of the above pieces to create any length that you want. granted the parametric version would be far better... but I haven't played with the parametric options to content builder yet and will need to do that before I can determine it's limits.
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07-21-2003 02:00 PM in reply to: bil-with-one-L

I just encountered the same problem (or challenge). If you have any further thoughts would you please post them. If I come up with a solution I'll let you know.
I will be working metric, slight problem but can be fixed.
Also, have you had any thoughts on circular pits?
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07-21-2003 10:52 PM in reply to: bil-with-one-L

I've been creating some trench drains of various lengths and building up a library. I had posted them to the CF user group, but I wouldn't reccomend downloading what i've posted as I've discovered that my over-detailing these has affected my drawings that i used them in... they looked great, but really slowed things down and even crashed my AutoCAD yesterday... so I've begun to redesign these as far more simplified versions (still more detailed than probably most should be... there's no reason that a trench actually needs to be depicted and removing the trench would make these even smaller Mvparts... but i'm going to attempt to use my new versions today and if they work out I'll repost them. -- the secret of course is to create one file that you use as your working drawing... keep the grate, trench, and 2 sides as seperate entities... in other words don't merge them together as a solid entity. If you make the drain itself part of the trench (like I did) you can move either side to create a distance from an end to the center of the drain. then you can use the solids editing, extrude face to extend the trench the same distance that you moved the sides and in this way acheive any length that you want. Of course you'll then need to duplicate the grate so that it fills the distance. -- mistakes I've made in my designs include 1. over detailing. 2. making my grate length 24 inches... that means that every trench I make has to be a multiple of 24 inches.. It would have been wiser to use a smaller increment or to perhaps have several smaller increments to choose from... it's not too late for me to change that... because my mvpart isn't a single solid element its always made up of the 4 parts described earlier. 3. I made the slots in the grate run the width in stead of the length. In the future I would do the reverse... it would reduce the number of surfaces and would really help to make the file size smaller. I hope this input helps... I still haven't tried to approach this parametrically... this project that I needed them for will be fine with what I've done so far. if you have any further questions feel free to email me at (i didn't make up that address... it was here when they hired me)
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