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XREF within single sheet

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09-26-2012 02:47 AM


If we working multiple sheets in single file i.e. H1,H2, H3, L1,L2,L3,C1,C2 & C3 views, we need to often match one view with the other. For example, C view (end view) should be matched with H (plan view). What we are doing to check the views is copy the H view and past it as block below the C view and check the matching. When preparing the drawing, if we make one change one detail in H view, we should again copy and paste and check it with C view. My question is if we have the option like XREF within the single file, our job will be easy. i.e. we don't need to often copy and paste the H view and match with the C view. If one time we paste it below the C view and we have the above option, whenever we change the H view, automatically the drawing below the C view will be updated and there is no need of again and again doing the same copy and paste.


For this above problem, if any solution is available, kindly let me know.




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Re: XREF within single sheet

10-01-2012 06:49 PM in reply to: suresh_070379

Hi Suresh,

Not sure if I understand your requirement.


If you want one instance of view to change and the other will follow, would it be useful to make it a block and use block editor to change its instance?

Michael Su
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