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Dimension Style Override Unresponsive

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10-17-2011 04:50 PM



I am using AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 (Student Edition) and need to override my base dimension style settings to include tolerances on drawings.


The program seems to disregard anything I do with regard to overriding the dimension style settings.  The specific tolerane desired in this example is (Upper: +0.021; Lower: 0) but I need both numbers to display to three decimals.


Here's how things look at my end:


  1. Create dimensions using my preferred generic settings
  2. 'DDIM' -> Dimension Style Manager
  3. Select current style, 'Override'
  4. Override Current Style window > Tolerances tab > Tolerance Format area > Precision: '0.000' (base setting is '0');  Method: 'Limits';  Enter appopriate Upper value and Lower value
  5. Preview window updates correctly for all changes
  6. 'OK'
  7. Dimension Style Manager: Preview of: <style overrides> still displays correctly
  8. Close Dimension Style Manager window
  9. Annotate tab: Dimension panel: Update Dimension
  10. Select object(s), press 'return' on keyboard
  11. Nohing happens - selected dimension has no tolerance and remains at original precision
  12. 'DDIM' -> Dimension Style Manager
  13. <style overrides> sill selected and Preview still looks correct (3 decimal places)
  14. 'Modify'
  15. Precision drop-down is reset to '0'

(Note: Skipping from 5 to 14 gives the same response.)


Here is what the command prompt returns for the Update Dimension command:

  • Current dimension style: ASME     Annotative: Yes
  • Current dimension overrides:
  •   DIMLIM         ON
  •   DIMTDEC      3
  •   DIMTOLJ       1
  •   DIMTP           0
  •   DIMTZIN        0
  • Enter a dimension style option
  • [ ANnotative/Save/Restore/STatus/Variables/Apply/? ] <Restore>: _apply
  • Select objects:

The formatting options in the Power Dimensioning tab don't allow me to show redundant zeroes (e.g. 25.000) so I cannot use that method regardless of the DIMTZIN value.  The rest I have already described.  Can anyone help me with this? 

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Re: Dimension Style Override Unresponsive

10-19-2011 03:08 AM in reply to: mlars010



Can you uncheck " Trailing" option in DDIM>>Select the base dimenesion style>>Modify>>Primary units tab>>Zero Suppression>>Uncheck " Trailing" and verify the issue.


Repeat the above step for Tolerance tab too.


Try creating a new powerdim and enable the tolerance button.








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Re: Dimension Style Override Unresponsive

10-19-2011 03:09 AM in reply to: Sridhar-Autodesk

Please find attached sample drawing too.




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Re: Dimension Style Override Unresponsive

10-23-2011 09:31 PM in reply to: Sridhar-Autodesk

I've been able to fix this issue by going to AMOPTIONS>Standards>Dimension Settings and setting my custom dimension style as the "Base dimension style" while leaving "Force power dimensions to use this dimension style" selected.   I can now obtain a dimension that looks like:





Previously I was unable to force trailing zeroes to show, regardless of options being de-selected in the DDIM window tabs.

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