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Chamfering Issues

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01-04-2012 09:43 AM

I'm trying to chamfer an edge on a 3d face and this is the error it keeps giving me:


Modeling Operation Error:
     Chamfer case not implemented.
Failed to perform blend.
Failure while chamfering.


I've tried several different things to get the type of 30 degree bevel I need but nothing seems to work. The closest thing I can come to that representation is a fillet but that doesn't give the straight edge that I need. I have attached a picture of what it looks like before chamfering or filleting. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Re: Chamfering Issues

01-11-2012 09:15 AM in reply to: Cdspyro

Okay, I figured it out. For those of you who are interested here's what you have to do:


1) Copy shell over

2) Explode the shell and delete everything except for the opening surface you want to bevel (This only requires one explode)

3) Surface offset 5 units outward. Keep the original surface

4) In the Top View, draw a 30 degree line from the bottom outmost edges of the original surface

5) Move the copied surface until it's bottom outmost edges coincide with the 30 degree lines

6) Explode both surfaces and delete the top edges from both surfaces (the two remaining edges are the one connected by the 30 degree lines)

7) Surface loft the two remaining edges

8) Surface offset 5 units inwards. In the command line you will see 'Solid' as one of the options. Select that by pressing 'S'. This will turn the surface into a solid.

9) Move the solid until it covers the opening you want beveled

10) Solid subtract from the shell the solid


Voile! You now have a 30 degree bevel!

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