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AutoCAD Mechanical - Adding automatic length in psrt reference?

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11-18-2012 05:16 PM

I am trying to add length value in part reference that will be pulled out from dimensional constraint so that when I stretched my block (e.g. steel shape, top view) the length in my BOM will be generated automatically. Can someone please help me with that? I noticed that the built in steel shapes has that but in my case, I want to add my own with simple or less information, it's just i am having a hard time adding that automatic length update in the part reference. Thank you.



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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical - Adding automatic length in psrt reference?

11-19-2012 05:21 PM in reply to: WELL-LALAT

Please try following steps:


1. Edit the part in content Editor
2. In the "Family table">>Click "Add Column"
3. In the "New column Dialog">>click "Lookup"
4. In the "Look Parameter" dialog>>Select the Parameter>>OK
5. In the "New column" Dialog>>Select "component property mapping" dropdown and select required component property (BOM property).  (Note: If you perfer to have custom component property, add it before step-1 in the BOM settings dialog box)
6. Click OK to finish editing the content
7. Insert the content with requried length
8. command AMBOM and verify if the correct length is seen

Let me know if this helps


Sridhar Subramani
Autodesk, Inc.
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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical - Adding automatic length in part reference?

11-19-2012 09:35 PM in reply to: WELL-LALAT

Thank you for your response.


I used "Measure" in the component property mapping and after I click ok, it created a column but the dimension constraint became predefine (or fixed dimension) when I check the dimension properties... When I run to test the block, the information in "Measure" (or length of object) in BOM is OK but when I pulled the arrow to stretch the object, then typed in AMBOM again, the length did not changed/update no matter how far or short I click it.


I thought that it should change the length automatically because in the software built-in steel materials, when you insert them and stretch to the lengths you need, the BOM length value is automatically updated.


I hope you have other idea how this thing will work with that automatic/dynamic length stuff because it is really important to us in our company to make this work. If we can do this, we will upgrade to autoCAD Mechanical from AutoCAD LT 2006.


I really appreciate your help.





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