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Vertical help system

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04-08-2012 07:42 AM

I'm running 2013 Map3d at home under subscription, and am sorta happy to say the Help is locally installed by default, and is not the Search Only dysfunctional approach we seem to be stuck with in vanilla. It's bascially the 2012 style help, still running in MSIE even though that is NOT my default browser


Except -- for vanilla.  The book icons in the ToC are

Learn AuuoCAD Map3d

Use AutoCAD Map3d

Customize AutoCAD Map3d

AutoCAD Jaws

    Use Search to find AutoCAD topics

Installation Help


Search is even worse than reported for vanilla, as apparently all the toppics get searched, regardless of whether installation, Map topics, infrastructure API, or anything else.  Fro example, searching on the string MVIEW,  retursn 60 odd results,  of which about 50 are AcSmViewCategory.????,  each one starting out with the phrase:

  This API was designed for internal use and has not been thoroughly tested.


That is just so ... helpful idinit


Hey adesk --  are you going to sue us for copyright infringment if we fix the help system, provide a usable chm, and distribute it?  Fair use says I can do that for myself, but it's going to be a metric truckload of work and would be nice to be able to recover some of the time and money spent doing it.


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Re: Vertical help system

04-10-2012 02:07 PM in reply to: morrolan

I have Map3D 2012 (Have not installed 2013 yet).  The help search automatically goes to the web and almost never finds anything useful.  In my opinion the search and the table of contents with the 2011 help system that was locally installed was significantly better.


If you can improve the AutoCAD help and get Autodesk to pay your for it, then by all means have at it.  Good Luck, lol.



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Re: Vertical help system

04-11-2012 04:07 AM in reply to: dwolford

Back in 2009 I had the pleasure of meeting the team of Autodesk Employees that worked on the help files for Map3D. They were an excellent team and were asking for ideas and way to improve the help files and tutorials. However I believe they were part of the massive laid off soon afterwards when sales dropped. They may well be back at Autodesk now but not in the same role as before.


Morale of this, Great help needs to be paid for.

Supportting the troops daily.
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