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Using PLINE for land surveyed descriptions

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03-12-2012 10:21 AM

I have bearings and distances but I am wondering if using PLIN  is the best method to draw parcels in AutoCad Map 2012.  I have a layer of the Townships, Ranges and Sections that I hope to align with the drawings.   Most of the time it looks okay meaning they line up and for the most are where they are suppose to be but ever so often I have problems. 

Thanks in advance

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Re: Using PLINE for land surveyed descriptions

03-13-2012 01:09 PM in reply to: cindy.jones

Hi Cindy. PLINES are great for everything, in my opinion. Remember that you can use the PEDIT command (or PE, for short) for many things - if you need to make changes to existing polylines, if you need to convert standard AutoCAD lines to polylines, and much much more.


When you say "ever so often I have problems", what do you mean exactly? Earlier you mention that some objects don't line up...can you elaborate?


Also, for "best practices" -type help, I'll give some time for the community to respond, as they are in a better position to speak on that (those of us in Product Support spend most of the day troubleshooting rather than doing production work).


Any ideas, anyone?

Phil Borycens
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Re: Using PLINE for land surveyed descriptions

03-13-2012 01:30 PM in reply to: cindy.jones

I"ve found the Map COGO tools to be "clunky" in comparison to Civil3D - too many picks'n'clicks added versus the running commands C3D offers.


Are you rubbersheeting the parcels to the S-T-R, or vice-versa?

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