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tranform locks up computer

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11-25-2008 12:52 PM
To all

Am having a problem trying to convert a drawing from MTM NAD 83 zone 21 to UTM NAD 83 Zone 21. I can't find MTM Zone 21 so I created my own

NAD83 Zone 21 ( 3° MTM)
Control Meridian: 56° west long
False Easting: 304,800 east
0.9999 scale factor

which seems fine. Applied it to a drawing I want to convert.

Started a new drawing set it's zone to UTM Zone 21 Nad 83 and attached the original drawing.
Did a query on the objects and let it run..... 3 hours later it was still running. Canceled and this time created my own in the original (using Transvere mercader instead of Universal cause it always locks up with the UTM Zone 21) with the following specs

NAD83 Zone 21 ( 6° UTM)
Control Meridian: 57° west long
False Easting: 500,000 east
0.9996 scale factor

Attache,query and 10 seconds later voila but because I can't use UTM it is on the wrong location. Scale change and rotation seem correct but the position is wrong.

Why is the canned UTM not working or processing for very long times?



P.S. I will attached the drawing for anyone who want to give it a try after this message
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Re: tranform locks up computer

01-09-2009 10:41 AM in reply to: sromkey
I am having a problem along the same lines. I have exported some line work in originally in 10TM115 to an SDF file, and can import the SDF into 3TM and 10TM coordinate systems, but not into UTM. Any ideas?
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