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Problem with feature labels w/ 2012

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05-01-2012 09:26 AM


I'm new to the mapping world of the Autodesk products, and I apologize if I'm missing something basic, but I'm pretty much stuck. I'm running Civil3d 2012 64bit , but since this is a feature mapping issue I figured it is more appropriate to post this in the Map3D section. 


I have connected my drawing to a PostgreSQL+PostGIS database to pull in a couple test features. The points come in fine, and I have created a join between the spatial table and another data table (both housed within the same database). When I view the data table, the join seems to be working correctly (i.e., I can see the linked columns). 


The problem comes with trying to display the data to my map. I'd like to add a numeric column to my map. I go into the style editor and add a new feature label. I use the "Text Content" pop-up menu to select the table column I'd like to use (in this case, an elevation). When I select it, the software autmoatically adds the expression "ToString("LEVEL|Elev")" where LEVEL is my table name, and Elev is the column. When I close the style editors, the map simply posts "Text" instead of displaying the value.


Am I missing something? Is there another way I should be posting numeric data to my map? I assume a feature label is the way to do this, but if there's a better method to post text to a feature I'm all for it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Problem with feature labels w/ 2012

05-03-2012 12:53 PM in reply to: jon_s



>> the software autmoatically adds the expression "ToString("LEVEL|Elev")"

I haven't used PostXXX as database, I jsut connected a shape and tried to get the result like you mentioned, that the software converts a field you select automatically into a formula. I never saw that.


To make sure I tried to ToString-function and get at least a difference to your syntax, because the fieldname has NOT to be enclosed within quotes, so I would try to modify the formula to

ToString(LEVEL|Elev) quotes anywhere within this formula.


- alfred -

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