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Poor quality of raster when draped over DEM in Map3D 2012

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01-04-2013 12:35 PM



I have successfully draped an orthophoto over a DEM in Map3D but the resulting quality of the the image is so poor it is unusable.  I have attached a couple screen shots of the 2D and resulting 3D images.  Is the resolution in 3D dependent on the 'resolution' of the DEM?  The orthophoto is 10cm resolution.


I have tried REGEN and to Resample Raster but I haven't had any luck.  Anyone have any suggestions?




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Re: Poor quality of raster when draped over DEM in Map3D 2012

01-08-2013 02:38 PM in reply to: ksmith

Hi Kristi,


You might want to run the 3DCONFIG command in AutoCAD and look at some of your options there, like updating the display driver, toggling hardware acceleration, etc.


My colleague who has a background in aerial imagery did test like yours on his system, and he said some degradation makes sense - they are taking an image that has been rectified for display on a flat surface, and draping it on a non-flat surface.


I hope this makes sense.


Hopefully other users can chime in too. Let us know if you have other questions or if you find something that improves your results. Thanks!

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Re: Poor quality of raster when draped over DEM in Map3D 2012

05-09-2013 07:37 AM in reply to: phil_borycens

I've also been having a similar issue.  I am in the process of choosing an adequate piece of software that will deal GIS and BIM data respectively.  I have been using Infraworks 2014, but have been recently testing Autocad Maps 3D 2014.  When viewing data in 2D everything looks great, but as soon as 3D in toggled on, everything becomes extremely pixelated.  The reason I have been looking into the option of using Maps 3D is for it's drafting and modeling features, which Infraworks does not support.  I've tried the "3dconfig" command, and updated my driver, but still get the same results.  My dilema is one software handles 3D data quite nicely, and one handles 2D nicely, but neither one does both.  If Maps 3D's 3D viewer worked as well as Infraworks I will have found the perfect software. Any suggestions leading to remediate the issue are greatly appreciated!

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