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PNG perpendicular lines going over the images

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10-11-2012 03:19 AM


We have encountered problems when we are trying to plotting charts that have geo referenced  png images in them. Some of images will have perpendicular lines going over the images, this will only appear in the plotted versions.  The lines won't appear in preview or in the drawing nor in pfd plot.    Have any one seen this? Any one having a solution?


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Anders Adriansson

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Re: PNG perpendicular lines going over the images

10-11-2012 04:16 AM in reply to: anders.adriansson

Since those lines do not appear when you send it to a PDF file, it means that something's wrong with your plotter driver, sir.

1] convert that .PNG in .TIF with Irfanview, copy the .PGW worldfile in a .TFW one, then _MAPIINSERT the .TIF file, and plot: what happens?

2] If there's no improvement, plot the drawing with .PNG image to another printer, maybe laser, and check the quality out.

3] Last effort: look for a newer driver on the plotter producer's website.

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