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offset multiple polygons

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03-12-2012 08:46 AM

Hi to everyone,


This is the case


I have 4 polygons or parcels (actually there are more than 10000, but let's say 4 for the example), all of them drew individually (they don´t share a line segment or boundary). 


I need to offset all the parcels with the same distance. I know that you can do it one by one, but because of the amount of polygons that I have to work, it is impossible to do it manually.

I need to apply the same distance to all of them, and of course, maintain the attributes tables associated to each one.


Is there any tool for this "multiple polygon offset function"?


PS. Sorry for my english, I did my best.







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Re: offset multiple polygons

03-14-2012 02:47 AM in reply to: CarolinaHodar1879

First make a polygonal topology, then buffer it.
If you can't do that, here's an easier alternative: 


1] _MAPEXPORT your parcels to a shapefile

2] import this shape in an opensource Gis like Quantum

3] Vector => Geoprocessing Tools => Buffer


This is the resulting buffered shape, with full original OD attributes.

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