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Re: Object Data

04-27-2012 02:13 PM in reply to: MorganMcGuire

Has there been any update to this problem? I wish to do the same thing but cannot find any info online if it is possible or how to change the order other than alphabetical.



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Re: Object Data

04-28-2012 02:33 AM in reply to: philsla


Don't know anything about Mapinfo other than it just a data base on a map program like Map or esri type of thing  so forgive me if this is out to lunch


So why fight the system?


name your fields alphabeticaly, i.e a list of animals


a_Zebra, b_Cat, c_Pig, d_Elephant, e_Snake, etc


The data is in the order the client wants.  You don't have to work any to hard to supply the information requested.  You export it simply, directly and it's gone. I ran a quick test opening the Mapinfo *.tab in Tatuk and it looks ok to me.


Put in a alias field for the display name if Mapinfo can use it,  i.e the first fields would be Zebra, Cat, Pig, etc


or maybe inport into an empty mapinfo data table with the field alias names at the heads of the columns?



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