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AutoCAD Map 3D General Discussion

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Motion Path Animations

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05-24-2012 09:34 AM

IT just installed Autocad Map 3d for me to try out.  I went to attempt generating a video from an existing 3D design and was surprised to learn that by default the render functionality of in some way off by default. 


Other Help searches yielded that the way to get to the animation engine was to simply right-click on the Render Tab.  Excellent idea but there is no Render Tab on my brand new install.  Superb circular logic!


So, does anyone know how to get such things as the Render Tab, if indeed that is all there is to it, to appear?  Somehow I doubt this is all there is to it. 


What I am attempting to do is to somehow find the Motion Path Animation capability existant in Autocad for many versions now. 


Again, this is a brand new install.  One that is verging on being uninstalled................



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Re: Motion Path Animations

05-24-2012 11:51 AM in reply to: wmcclenney



>> So, does anyone know how to get such things as the Render Tab

May be .... if we know what release of Map3D you do have :smileywink:


At least you can start command _CUI, select your workspace, click on the modify-button on the right side, search on the left side under palettes and check "Render".


- alfred -

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Re: Motion Path Animations

05-25-2012 09:20 AM in reply to: wmcclenney

The ribbon is context sensitive - you have access to the functions within Map3D, but may need to change the workspace to "3D Modeling" to see the 3D operations.  Look for the "bicycle gear" icon in the lower right corner.  Map3D has the full 3D capacities of AutoCAD as a vertical platform.


Or, if you know the command line entry to match an icon (look when you pick & click) you can always type it in or create a customization of what you want to see on a ribbon & tinker with your CUI to your heart's content - just be sure to back up & save out the appropriate files before you make too many changes....

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Re: Motion Path Animations

05-25-2012 09:55 AM in reply to: thepworth

Our outside help recommended a procedure which resulted in total removal of the ribbon and pulldown menus.  Based on the organization of Map 3D, or more precisely, the perceived lack thereof, the choices were to re-install the package or remove it. 


Since my original question revolved around the advantages of Map 3D over standarad Autocad, this question has now been answered satisfactorily.  If Map 3D is not capable of performing reasonably as a replacment for standard Autocad it does not represent a viable alternative, regardless of whatever else it may or may not be capable of.


So the problem is now solved to my satisfaction and the product has been uninstalled.


For Autodesk I would say that going to all the trouble to disorganize operating capabilities into ribbons instead of menus, and making them "context sensitive" does wonders for increasing productivity to near zero levels.  That's quite an accomplishment and on par with all other ribbon-based disorganizations now endemic to the software industry.


From my command line UNIX days comes this advice.  When a mathematician sets out to solve a math problem with a pencil, which should he be more concerned with?  The math problem? Or the pencil?


Here we have a case where I wanted to test the 3D video generation of Map 3D.  The programmers, in their infinite wisdom, have figured out precisely how us users will flow our work and through context sensitivity have funneled us to all of the correct pipes in the software such that we really do not have to think outside of the box anymore.  Woe be to anyone who thinks outside of context sensitivity and do something innovative.  I believe this is termed progress by drones.


I have de-selected reply notifications as this experiement is failed and now over, complex pretzel logic workarounds to a failed ribbon structure notwithstanding.  The Map 3D product is rejected.

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