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Mapexport programmatically does not export Object Data.

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06-06-2012 12:12 PM

I need to export a large amount of dwgs to SDF, with Map 2009. I need to includein the SDF's some object Data.

In order to do so, I create a profile pointing out which Object Data i need to export along with the SDF.

If I doit manually through the "mapexport" command, loading the profile, everythink works fine, the Object Data are export as well. When I see the data through the Maestro 4.0, i can see in the layer, together with the object data exported.

BUT (but but but), if I do it programmatically with:

(command "-mapexport" "FDO_SDF" sdfFile "Y" profileFile "P" "")

I export the SDF file, BUT (BUT!), it is not exporting the Object Data! (it doesn't appear in Maestro 4.0)



In both cases, I use the same profile. Manually, it export the Object Data, programmatically not.

Any ideas why?


Or, there is another way to export or convert DWG's to SDF?  

thanks in advance



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