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(MAP 3D) Feature Classes not listed in the Convert to Industry Model dialog

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05-27-2013 07:07 AM

When connecting to an Industry Model one can use the Convert to Industry Model dialog.


Here you can select the source you want to map. This can be an FDO connection, a file (SDF, SSQLite, DWG).

If you choose DWG, 4 options can be used as input/source:


AutoCAD Entities,


Object data

Block Names


However, the MAP 3D feature classes (from Classification) are not listed here, nor can I find (Hoping I am overlooking it) a way of converting mapping them to the IM. Seems the only option is to redo the classification "defintion" effort again.


If this is the case,  I am getting more the impression that Map3D is becomming a bunch of tools rather then a consistent framework supporting a step by step path from CAD to GIS to Industry Model type it is being marketed.





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Re: (MAP 3D) Feature Classes not listed in the Convert to Industry Model dialog

05-28-2013 05:28 PM in reply to: luc.vanlinden



You might first take your DWG data and MAPEXPORT it to SDF. Because I know that the (Map) Export module supports Object Classes and Feature classes...


An extra step, but only takes a minute.


Please let us know if this works for you.




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Re: (MAP 3D) Feature Classes not listed in the Convert to Industry Model dialog

05-29-2013 12:53 AM in reply to: phil_borycens

Hi Phil


Thanks for your reply and workaround.


This is what I mean with non consistent. It is an extra step, extra files etc.

The good thing in general on the "exports" / or getting things from CAd to GIs is that a lot (in theory all) of the CAD props can be dragged a long. think on Color , Rotation,Text style etc. 


The inconsistency is getting bigger while getting things back, or the other way around.


There seems no way to reuse, regenerate the entities using  their own original properties.


In the Import dialogs (from file, from fdo) the only Feature class props then can be remapped are those that can only fit an Object data field/table.

Yet again a missed opportunity to my opinion.


Using the notation like .Color or OD:smileysurprised:D_Table:Fieldname, #FeatureClass.General.Color in the import could easily facilitate the mechanisms.


It is like extending the import mapping stuff (aligning the Featre Class creation defs) stuff ( with the Query "Alter Properties" stuff and its expression capabilities applied to the IMPORT dialg boxes for file or FDO connection imports.


This does not mean it has to be like the old OSE aproach, but would think at least with:

- extending the craetion options for FeatureClasses

- import mapping to those  #FeatureClass.General.Color 

would be a good approach, even if this was facilitated in the ipf xml import profile files.



To summarize, there are a series of flows today in Map 3D grown over the years, each for the own reason or requirements (dwg query + save back, featureclasses clasify/create, mapimport4 and export , mapimport and export to file, to fdo, map to IM), but these seem to have gotten their own diversions in functionality without being consistent.


The same yet again with Feature Layers (MAP) to CAD (either Editable / Visual).


Anyway, thanks again











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