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Re: Linking external data to polylines with Object data

03-05-2008 06:14 PM in reply to: *bill voigt
I think I'm following you now. I have only used that to create a linked table so that I could select objects based on. I will try this tomorrow. I'm excited about this if it works. Thanks arnolds.
*bill voigt
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Re: Linking external data to polylines with Object data

03-06-2008 03:29 PM in reply to: *bill voigt
You are correct. THe lines are already populated with an ID field, which
matches the ID in the external table(s).
My intent is to maintain all attribute data in an external SQL Server
database table. This would be available for shapefiles (Arcview & Mapguide),
or dwgs (w/ linked via OD). I do not want to have to update attributes in
multiple locations, as it leads to out of sync data. Some of the data
physical attributes (pipe diameter, material, to/from ManholeID, etc).
This is a 1:1 relationship
maintenance records (Date, activity, crew)
inspection results (Date, condition, inspector)
Most of these data would be maintained in Mapguide using a data editing
interface. Wen the shapefile or dwg is opened, I would want to join/link the
records to the lines.

My feelings are that it might even be simpler to use the data connect
features of Map 2008 to open the shapefile in Autocad, and edit features and
or attributes from there. However the Autocad users in my department insist
on having a pure Autocad dwg, which allows them to manipulate blocks, labels

I was able on a second attempt to link the external table to the pipe
features. I think I had left the Database Validation option left to None,
whereas the 2nd time, I set it to Record Must Exist.

Now that I have my link set up, I am able to zoom/select to features
selected via selected records in the Link Template. How do I have the
appropriate record(s) selected when I select a pipe feaure in the dwg?

Hopefully they will put the Convert OD to external Link in a more intuitive
location (like under Map/Object Data...). Enough carping.

Thanks alot for the info.

wrote in message
Let's back up a second here and read the original post just so we're clear.
"I have a sewer dwg, in which the lines were populated with object data that
includes a ID... How do I generate a link bewteen the lines and an external
table containing the PipeID field"

So, I'm guessing the lines already have a unique ID attached to the lines,
using object data. If that is the case, there is an automated routine to
link them using Convert OD to db links.
But, if they do not have any data attached, then no, there is no automated
linking utility for AutoCAD primitives.
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Re: Linking external data to polylines with Object data

04-29-2008 10:30 PM in reply to: *bill voigt
a option is convert a SDF (properties + Object Data)
1) Map / Tools / Export -> File of type = *.sdf
2) Closed Current File
3) New file
4) Issue Manage Data Content
5) Add SDF Connection
6) Use option Join in mode Table
(join current table and table of Data base)
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