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Is anyone doing Class Location for regulated pipelines?

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05-19-2011 05:17 AM

At our office we have some ESRI users that their job is to keep track of the Class Locations on our pipeline systems. I know I've seen  a presentation or two that showed just enough to make me believe I can do this with Map 3D.  The ESRI guy keeps telling me that CAD can't do thee "analysis" that ESRI does. I think he's just ignorant of what CAD can do. Can anyone point me to some tutorials or documentation of some type where I can learn to do this with CAD.


For example: Depending on the population in proximity to the pipeline would determine if there is "Class" or if the pipe is Class-1, 2 or 3. Typically in Arc they draw 3 buffers around the pipe centerline at the proper distance from the pipe and perform an analysys on the pipe/buffer to determine if any structure within the buffers meet certain occupancy levels. A daycare within 100' of the pipe with 200 kids in attendance may be class-3 where a hay barn at the same distance would have no class, and so on.


Any ideas?

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Re: Is anyone doing Class Location for regulated pipelines?

05-19-2011 05:41 AM in reply to: K1200RS

If you are on subscription look on the subscription site, there used to be some lessons there.


Some old stuff here,


A few things here in blog format here.

 Then there's my blog as well, that's needs updating as well but feel free to comment and you may get some tailored to your needs.

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Re: Is anyone doing Class Location for regulated pipelines?

05-19-2011 06:12 AM in reply to: Murph

I will check out the subscription site.


"Class Location" and object class are completely different animals. What I am looking for is this. On a 200 mile pipeline running cross country.... out in the middle on nowhere there is no "Class", but when you get into town and run 53' from a daycare housing 200 pre-schoolers then (along the pipeline) 300' upstream and 300' downstream of the point perpendicular to the closest point of that structure is Class-3. If the structure were a hay barn the pipeline in that area would have no class. If the daycare was 198' feet away that same segment of the pipeline might be class-2. Which ultimately means that that certain footage of the pipeline is required to pass higher safety requirements as the class number increases. Every time a structure is buillt, torn down, abandoned, etc. the class on the nearby pipe can change.

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Re: Is anyone doing Class Location for regulated pipelines?

05-25-2011 02:32 PM in reply to: K1200RS

I have copyrighted a custom methodology and program that uses Map to run the analysis that you describe.


The process is named:

"Reductive Pipeline Clustering Methodology for Preliminary Identification of DOT Classes of Natural Gas Pipelines"


The program analyzes structure counts and area types within user defined buffers to establish preliminary location of DOT Classes 1, 2 and 3, and calculates the high concentration areas from user defined CFER circles.


The results of the analysis are used to identify the limits of field investigation and surveys required to mark the exact jurisdictional limits on the ground, and the preparation of the DOT Classifications required for OPS reporting.


For more information, please email me at the address below: 

Stan Thompson, PLS, GISP

Huntington Technology Group, Inc.


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