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Re: Intensity Heat map?

03-19-2013 02:18 AM in reply to: Alfred.NESWADBA



I try to follow your idea:

- Gis Overlay Identity => SDF file

- rc : Export Layer to SQLIte => SQLITE file

- open in SQLIte Expert, create a niew view with SQL "SELECT FeatId_2,COUNT(*) FROM FIRECALL_Identité GROUP BY FeatId_2" => new view called NB_FIRECALL with 2 columns FeatId_2 and COUNT(*) with good info

- back to MAP, connect SQLITE => I saw 1 layer with Geometry and 1 layer without (my view) (NOT ADD just connected)

- show table of polygon, rc "Create Join"   FeatId (from ZONE) to FeatId_2 (my view) => error with 2 messages (connexion FDO failed, cache writing failed - I'm not sure of exact terms because I've french error message), my polygon layer disappears and I obtain a warning symbol on task pane.


I open a new drawing, just try to connect SQLITE and show Table, when I try to show data from my view, MAP says there no primary key. So I go back to SQL Expert, but it seems it's not possible to add primary key on view.


Can you tell me where I'm wrong?





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Re: Intensity Heat map?

03-27-2013 01:17 PM in reply to: olivier.eckmann

I think antonio is right, I've started using QGIS for nearly everything bar linking into MS access databases. It handles raster data far better than Map and as it has been built from the ground up as a GIS program it provides much better functionality. There is a good tutorial for heat maps here;


Maybe autodesk will develop something similar and throw it into the Ultimate suite who knows.

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