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Exporting shp file from AutoCad Map 3D 2012 x64

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07-19-2012 06:19 AM

Started having a problem when I export out a line in AutoCad to a shapefile. ArcMap can't open because the files don't match and whne I try to read it in AutoCad, I get the same basic message.


There was a problem accessing the connection's schema information.

The file 'L:\REFERENCE_MATERIAL\New-Connects\BTMR-08-02-TEM.dbf' is corrupt or does not have the same number of objects as the file 'L:\REFERENCE_MATERIAL\New-Connects\BTMR-08-02-TEM.shx'.


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Re: Exporting shp file from AutoCad Map 3D 2012 x64

07-19-2012 07:28 AM in reply to: stevenwhite



I would be careful using 14 characters as filename for a shape (it 's an very old styled format, used in times for dos with 8.3 filename-structure).

Then you should always remove the IDX-file if you transfer SHP-data between different software-packages.

And just to make sure, there are some applications that see differences between lower- and uppercase-characters in the filename. So if you have a file A.SHP, a.shx and a.dbf ==> the files are not recognized to belong together, they have to have the same letters for all three filenames (at least 3 files).


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