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AutoCAD Map 3D General Discussion

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Re: export to shp file in 2014

05-16-2013 11:43 AM in reply to: alloverbyheli

Somewhere between Map3D 2010 and 2013 (my office jumped over 2011 and 12, and I've really only used 2013), the mapexport button was moved from the Output tab to the Map Drafting Tab (made sense to me since that is where the import button is).  As Alfred suggested, I just modified the Map Output pannel in the Map Drafting tab with the CUI.  It took a bit of searching, but changing the pull down from all customization files to map_2ddrafting.cuix made it easier to find.  Since the Export to FDO icon (mapexportfdo) is what replaced Mapexport, and I don't use an fdo, I just edited that icon to run the mapexport cmd.  Actually this little exercise has encouraged me to play with the cui and now I am building a single tab that has my most frequently used pannels.  Much less moving arround.  Now I just need voice recognition to replace typing in commands :-)

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Re: export to shp file in 2014

07-31-2013 12:06 PM in reply to: alloverbyheli
the problem is that I teach class Autocad Map 3D, and to teach this to the slower students will require more time. Is there a fix that?
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Re: export to shp file in 2014

07-31-2013 12:19 PM in reply to: tulio.paz



>> Is there a fix that?

A fix to get the menu-button where you want it? I fear that is even no "fix" as a menu newly structured is not a bug°

But you can modify your menu to get the ribbons-items (and buttons) wherever you want to have them. the students learn also CUI :smileywink:

BTW; students that are learning the interface will not be surprised that the button is on another position compare to an old version they never saw. :smileywink:


- alfred -

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Re: export to shp file in 2014

03-07-2014 06:27 AM in reply to: alloverbyheli

Just type the command "mapexport" simple as that. I wouldn't recommend screwing with the CUI interface for a beginner in training, since ADSK designed the CUI interface confusing and counter intuitive to say the least.  Not saying it's that hard to pick up, but for early beginners it's a little too much to grasp, and should be taught as a seperate lesson altogether.

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