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DWG to PDF issues related to data connections?

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05-16-2013 06:40 AM

Hello all,

I have created many PDF's using the DWG to PDF.pc3 plotter. This works well most of the time, but I've noticed lately, that when my drawing consists of data connections, the PDF's give me issues.


I'll begin with SQL server spatial connections; once the PDF is created & opened, it takes quite a while for the information to load. It looks as though all SQL data is slowly being redrawn. This data is styled to have a thickness. Once the complete view displays, I try to plot from Adobe, but once this processes & tries to flatten for several minutes, either errors pop up or Adobe stops working & I have to close the program. I felt it had to do with the SQL server spatial connections because once all that information displayed, the remaining cad data, such as, text & the title block, would immediately display.


To test this, I plotted to Adobe using the same plotter, but from a drawing with no SQL connections. That PDF opened & displayed all information right away. Plotting & flattening only took a second or two & then another second or so later, it plotted.


Another test I conducted was to open another drawing & add new connections to the SQL server. I styled this data to have the same thickness as the other drawing. I plotted without any issues to Adobe. Maybe an update occurred to the SQL server while I had my initial drawing opened… Not quite sure.


Using the Basemap services connection for Bing works alright. One thing I dislike about it though is that the draw order doesn't like to stay where it should. It is always the first display manager content added, so should be to the most back of the drawing; like a true "Basemap". I frequently have to send it to the back. I notice it moving to the front when I switch between some model & layout tabs. While I’m in model space & everything displays correctly, I go to the layout that matches the current display map, and everything is correct. Once I go to the next layout tab that is assigned a different display map, the Bing map will be on top & hiding everything else behind it. These hidden objects can include either cad data, display manager content, such as SDF's, &/or data connections. It's just a constant battle I have & can't seem to resolve.


Another data connection issue I have is with the WMS connection. The connection & quality isn't the issue, but when I plot to Adobe, I get a partial PDF and a different partial PDF each time I try. It looks as though missing data is the size of a tile...


Are there any size restraints that limit this information from completely loading before the PDF is created?


While experimenting with this connection, I decided to disconnect from the WMS connection, but keep it in the drawing (so as to connect later on). When I disconnected & switched to layout space, AutoCAD crashed. I had to then reopen the drawing & delete that content from both the display manager & the data connection by provider, in order to switch to the layout space.


If anyone has experienced these issues, I would appreciate some pointers.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: DWG to PDF issues related to data connections?

05-16-2013 02:13 PM in reply to: rckohler



for PDF flatening error, you can show this info

or try this in Acrobat Reader : Edition » Preferences » General

Unecheck "Enable Protected Mode at startup"* and restart Adobe Reader



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