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Draw Order with Display Maps

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09-11-2013 02:25 PM

We have a project where we have a combination of CAD data and shapefiles (connected) with various labels in both formats.

They are in the proper order for both 'Groups' and 'Draw Order' in the 'Display Manager'.

We have two separate viewports, createed and named using 'Display Maps' with the applaicble layers turned to visible as each viewport requires (some common shapefiles need to be display, some different, some different CAD data also). When we do a regen within one viewport the other non-active viewport immediately loses its draw order (CAD objects appear above the shapefile data). If we switch viewports and Regen then the first viewport will lose its draworder.


Anyone have any fixes or things to try?

Could this be a case for Autodesk Subscription and the developer's to resolve?


FYI, we are running Autocad Civil 2013.



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Re: Draw Order with Display Maps

09-11-2013 04:18 PM in reply to: Barry_Wheeler

Data Connect and multiple  viewports displays have never played nice together. I have voiced my opinion to Autodesk many times over the years and still not happy.

My suggestion is export the maps to Autodesk DWG format then use those to create your layouts and viewports.  

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