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Deleting or remove a vertex from a map feature

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01-29-2013 01:12 PM



Does anyone know how I can delete/remove a vertex from a map feature? I have a shapefile that I have connected to and I need to alter some of the geometry of a few of the parcels. I can move the vertices around and delete the entire feature, and check in and out with no problem... However I cannot delete or remove an unwanted vertex. I am kind of new to this...



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Re: Deleting or remove a vertex from a map feature

01-29-2013 11:15 PM in reply to: ljohnstone



not sure if this is dependent on your map version. I use Map 2012 and can modify a feature similar to modifying a pline using pedit. I can insert a new vertex and delete an existing one.

As I don't have the english version - I click on the SHP feature (polygon) and open the context menu which has an option called "modifying polygon" (or something similar in english). Via this options I have further options such as "modify vertexes" which includes "insert" and "line". "Line" is for removing - have a look at AutoCAD PEDIT command. LINE option there works the same as here.


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Re: Deleting or remove a vertex from a map feature

01-30-2013 01:53 PM in reply to: Robert_Fritz

select the feature, grab the point you want to delete, drag and drop on an adjacent point & check in


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