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Can't Copy (Ctrl+C) & Paste (Ctrl+V)...

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10-21-2013 03:06 PM

I am unable to use the Copy/Paste option in all my licences of AutoCAD (Map3d 2012, Civil3d 2012, & AutoCAD 2012).  When I preform the action of selecting features in a drawing, pressing CTRL+C (copy) or SHIFT+CTRL+C (copy w/ base point), then CTRL+V (paste) in current drawing or another drawing, and error message pops-up "Unable to read the Block Attributes from the selected block reference." and the features copied are not visible and not selectable.  Performing a CTRL+A (Select All) then Shift+Click & cursor drag (to de-select features) reveals the newly pasted "block" that has caused the error.  Of course, this "block" has no name, features, and can't be exploded or edited.

What is causing failure to Paste and error message?  How do we fix this problem?  We use the Copy/Paste option all the time and can't afford the time it is wasting redrawing features from scratch.  Your advice and help will be greatly appreciated.

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