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Best practice for Fiber optic project

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05-28-2013 11:46 PM

Hello everyone!


I'm hoping to get some guidance for how to approach this.

In my village we're building a fiber network to get some better internet speeds and as the data-wiz I got selected to make some maps for the fiberoptic digging etc.


So, I have a geotiff image and until now I've been editing it in Adobe Illustrator, just to show people where we'll be digging the lines etc. but in a month we'll be starting for real and then we need some reports for distances etc. I googled some and Autocad Map 3d looks like the right way to go but I'm feeling pretty stupid right now... I've imported the geotiff, set the correct coordinates and measuring a known distance I can verify that it's right!


So, next steps, I don't have any shape files, just the raster image and on this I want to add 3 kinds of fiberlines (main line, service line and empty pipes) and create reports for each of them. A bonus would be to be able to draw the various properties that will be connected to!


I'm used to vektor drawings so I have no problem redrawing the entire raster image clearing out the extra info as I go but I just havn't figured out how to change the looks on things I draw! The Industry templates looks great but there isn't any for fiber optics?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Best practice for Fiber optic project

05-29-2013 05:04 AM in reply to: Naesstrom



It depends ...


On what, how, frequency... you will need to report on, and what will you be doing with this data afterwards (in terms of maintaining/operating the network).. These questions will give input on:


-how detailed you will need to "manage" the objects in MAP 3D

-what is the best simplest approach for doing so.


First of all, I would at start minimize the effort on "digitizing" the image content, unless you would need elements (parcels buildings, streets etc) to facilitate the management.


For the fiber optic network, should the progress reporting be simple you could do this with simple autocad objects, attaching some Object data on it, and generate reports out of that. For each of your 3 objects set them on a different layer with required attribution.


Also Feature classification would be a way to move forward (just do not use Mlines ;-). As it would facilitate the creation easily.


If you would really need to get more detail and require a more topological and hierarchical support, you could go with the Industry models, the underground Electricity model is in fact a good "trench" / Pipes / cable model that connects to Junctions/manholes/service points. This offers functionality on tracing and connectivity (on the fiber/electrical cable level). You just use the EL model as if it was a fiber cable model (without further details)


Until this level, you can do this with the standard AutoCad Map 3D (license).


Should you require to get a step deeper, and start engineering/maintaining fiber connectivity (bundle/fibers/splice/patches/ODfs etc), you would need indeed an Industry Model for Fiber Networks.

This comes with an additional cost on top of Map 3D (via 3rd party solutions)


Some of the Autodesk partners offer specific Fiber Optic solutions on top of Map 3D, either as an Industry Model, or as an application.


As you can see, it depends on your requirements, workload, budget,  nr of users, etc.


Feel free to contact me directly


Luc Van Linden






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Re: Best practice for Fiber optic project

11-03-2014 11:55 PM in reply to: luc.vanlinden

HI Luc!


Company where I'm working trying to find solution for managing Fiber Optical network. We already have MAP 3d and seems  Industry Model can be the solution we looking, but there are only electric model template, which seems not specific for Fiber network.

Can you suggest some good Industry model solution  for Fiber on top of Map 3D.





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Re: Best practice for Fiber optic project

11-05-2014 04:41 AM in reply to: kajar

Hi Kajar


I work as independant consultant so normally I try to avoid making explicit recomendations as such. We start looking at the IT environment, installed based, backoffice systems, existing data etc deployed, exist at the customer.

Given the fact that you explicit mention AutoCAD MAP with Industry models, I can however, as an exception, point you to TKI Chemnits NET explorer solution, FIBER optic solution.


Good luck.





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