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Annotation of object data

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04-05-2012 06:50 AM



I am working on a county map that will eventually have the ADT's (Average Daily Traffic) as a number above or near to each road.  Right now I am "naming" all of our roads with object data. I need a map that actually shows the name of each road so that we can double check the data for the counts and make sure each count has a unique name. After I had used Mapexport to a shape file, then datalinked and brought the shp file back in.  I have tried to set up a style, but when a road is short, it doesn't put any label. And when I get to a "cluttered area" some of the labels need to be moved slightly so that they can be read. 


So then I tried to just annotate the linework with the object data.  I defined a template, block with attribute, and used Mapanninsert, and got the name of each road segment.  I used the .ANGLE to make the annotation be rotated along the vertical roads.  This kind of worked, although about half of them were rotated 180 from when I wanted them because the original line work was drawn from top to bottom. So I spent some time rotating them, and moving the ones that were overlapping so they could be read.  Everything was fine until I ran across a couple that I had not named.  I attached the object data, named the road, and wondered how to update that block with the new name.  I clicked on the "Update Annotation" button and it did update that block with the new name, it also reset ALL of the blocks that I had rotated and moved.  I did use the retain option, but it still reset all of the blocks.  HELP, What else can I try, or what did I do wrong?


I am not an everyday user of Map.  I have used Autocad, DCA, Softdesk, Land Desktop, and Civil 3D from the late 1980's but am new to MAP.


Using Civil 3D Ver. 2012  64bit on Windows 7





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Re: Annotation of object data

04-05-2012 02:48 PM in reply to: KansasCAD

You need to use the Map annonation refresh " _mapannrefresh" instead and use the string option.

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