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Vlisp OD

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05-06-2013 06:04 PM

I have a very old LISP program, badly written I must say.

anyway it crashes in Map2013 after a number of "Invalid record number"


I narrowed it down to commands that are reading and writting object data as the possiable culprit

where can I find info on the the syntax for the following commands.








;Get all closed plines and write pline data to everything inside them
(defun c:pl-data ()

  (setvar "cmdecho" 0)
  (setq pl-ss (ssget '((0 . "LWPOLYLINE") (8 . "LOT"))))
  ;(setq pl-ss (ssget))
  (if pl-ss
      (setq pl-len (sslength pl-ss))
      (setq pl-cntr 0)
      (repeat pl-len
        (setq pl (ssname pl-ss pl-cntr))
	(setq name (ade_odgetfield pl "LOT" "LOTKEY" 0))
	(setq data (entget pl))
	(setq vertices (get-vertices data))
	(setq ss (ssget "WP" vertices))
	(if ss
	    (setq cntr 0)
	    (setq len (sslength ss))
	    (repeat len
	      (setq e (ssname ss cntr))
	      (if (ade_odgetfield e "LOT" "LOTKEY" 0)
					;check to see if CITY table already attached
		(progn			;if yes - set the field to l-num
		  (ade_odsetfield e "LOT" "LOTKEY" 0 name)
		  (command "change" e "" "p" "c" "bylayer" "")
		(progn			;if not, attach the table then set field to l-num
		  (ade_odaddrecord e "LOT")
		  (ade_odsetfield e "LOT" "LOTKEY" 0 name)
		  (command "change" e "" "p" "c" "bylayer" "")
	      (setq cntr (+ cntr 1))
	    );end repeat
	  );end progn
	);end if
	(setq pl-cntr (+ pl-cntr 1))
      );end 1st repeat
    );end progn
  );end if


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Re: Vlisp OD

05-16-2013 12:45 PM in reply to: mfernandes

I believe these come from Four Dimension Technologies.

I have used some of these routines for working with object data.


Try this site, under the Autocad Map category:



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Re: Vlisp OD

05-16-2013 04:07 PM in reply to: cjneper

They are Autodesks lisp functions. In 2011 version in the help folder look for a chm named ACMAPLISP. Those functions are listed in there.


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