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Topology Marker Error

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06-08-2012 07:53 PM



I have a question about topology creation on AcMap onward using .NET interface. My intention is to show the error markers when topology creation is failed. Here is my code snippet:


 if (topos.Exists(topoName)) { topos.Delete(topoName, false); }

CreateOptions options = CreateOptions.UsePersistentMarkers | CreateOptions.HighlightSliverPolygons | CreateOptions.StopAtMultipleCentroid;

topos.Create(topoName, linkCol, nodeCol, centCol, TopologyTypes.Polygon, options, 0.01); 


Unfortunately the code can't show persistent marker, the errors show up for a few moment and then went away. My question therefore are how to show the topology error marker including sliver polygon with c#?


Thank you, we look forward for your response..

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Re: Topology Marker Error

07-30-2012 07:29 AM in reply to: DEVR4730

Hi DEVR4730,


I think it's the same question you asked to ADN team earlier and it's being resolved.

For the benefit of others I am sharing the resolution here.

Persistent marker was not shown as this code snippet along-with Create() was called inside a Transaction which I believe was not committed. You need to Commit the Transaction to see the marker.

However, while investigating this further, we also found some issue with CreateOptions.HighlightSliverPolygons. After some more investigation we found the following workaround :

// CreateOptions options = CreateOptions.UsePersistentMarkers | CreateOptions.HighlightSliverPolygons | CreateOptions.StopAtMultipleCentroid;

// Use the following
CreateOptions options = CreateOptions.UsePersistentMarkers | (CreateOptions)16 | CreateOptions.StopAtMultipleCentroid;



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