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Summit Professional & autodesk map 3d

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04-04-2012 02:46 AM

iam Using the Summit Professional with the map 3d ,,,and i have a question about Osnap or the 3dsnap...


Iam using Stealth 3d Mouse model S3-Z... .

hala my question is i want to activate the osnap or the 3dsnaop when iam drawing through the 3d mouse i manage 2 activate the osnap throught the mouse but before i start drawing using Button manager usercad : "{ESC}{ESC}Set{RET}Osmode{RET}673{RET}" and deactivate it with {ESC}{ESC}Set{RET}Osmode{RET}0{RET}..


is there a way to activate the osnap from command line when iam drawing so i can but it as a user cad and activate it..


i tried to click this button when iam drawing it changes the segmnets of the autoarc ... it take the command S ..and ask for a integer number ....


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Re: Summit Professional & autodesk map 3d

08-01-2012 07:30 PM in reply to: geokh

Sorry but I am not clear your question, but it seems that you are asking about OSMode, which is a vinilla AutoCAD feature, not Map 3D specific, so I would suggest you to asking in AutoCAD board to get more specifc answers. 


Sorry for not being helpful.

Daniel Du
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