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Set FDO layer filter

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07-13-2012 07:51 AM

Hi all,

   I need to set a fillter for all fdo layer in a map (as Query to filter data command).

To do this I wrote this code but the filter is not set. If I manualy run the "Query to filter data" command
If you launch the "Query to filter data" command manually  on a layer i find the filter set, and is applied only if I press the Ok or Apply button.I think that in my code is missing an instruction to apply the filter set.
Can you help me?

Dim objLayers As MgLayerCollection = objMap.GetLayers()
        For Each objLayer As MgLayerBase In objLayers
            Dim objLayerDefId As MgResourceIdentifier = objLayer.GetLayerDefinition()
            Dim objByteReader As MgByteReader = objResourceServ.GetResourceContent(objLayerDefId)
            Dim objXML As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument()
            Dim objSerializer As New XmlSerializer(GetType(LayerDefinition))
            Dim objLayerV As LayerDefinition = TryCast(objSerializer.Deserialize(New StringReader(objByteReader.ToString)), LayerDefinition)
            Dim objVectorLayerDef As VectorLayerDefinitionType = TryCast(objLayerV.Item, VectorLayerDefinitionType)
            objVectorLayerDef.Filter = strFilter
            Dim objXs As New XmlSerializer(objLayerV.[GetType]())
            Dim objWriter As New StringWriter()
            objXs.Serialize(objWriter, objLayerV)
            Dim objBuffer As Byte() = StringToBytes(objWriter.ToString())
            Dim objSource As New MgByteSource(objBuffer, objBuffer.Length)

            ' Update the resource in Map
            objResourceServ.SetResource(objLayer.LayerDefinition, objSource.GetReader(), Nothing)





Matteo Conte

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Re: Set FDO layer filter

08-05-2012 08:15 PM in reply to: matteo.conte

Have you ever refered to the QueryAndLocate  and FeatureInspector sample in Map 3D SDK? 

Daniel Du
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Re: Set FDO layer filter

08-05-2012 09:39 PM in reply to: matteo.conte

Matteo had contacted DevTech / ADN team on this issue and I worked with him to resolve this; It's now resolved.


Once you update the XML LayerDefinition, you need to update the resource in Map and then call the layer.ForceRefresh(). Here is the relevant code snippet :



// Update the resource in Map

ResourceService.SetResource(layer.LayerDefinition, source.GetReader(), null);


// layer.ForceRefresh();





Partha Sarkar
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Re: Set FDO layer filter

10-25-2012 06:13 AM in reply to: Partha.Sarkar

i am having same issue. but your solution is not working for me. could you please review my below code


//Select Entity on Map

Editor acEditor = Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.Editor;


SelectionSetss = GetAcSelectionSetSingleGeom(acEditor);


ObjectIdCollection objIdColle = newObjectIdCollection(ss.GetObjectIds());


MgSelectionBase mgSe = AcMapFeatureEntityService.GetSelection(ss);


AcMapMap acMap = AcMapMap.GetCurrentMap();


MgLayerCollectionmgLayColl = acMap.GetLayers();


MgLayerBase parcelsLayer1 = mgLayColl.GetItem("EL_ADMIN_AREA");


stringfcName1 = parcelsLayer1.GetFeatureClassName();


intII = mgSe.GetSelectedFeaturesCount(parcelsLayer1, fcName1);


MgFeatureReader featureReader = mgSe.GetSelectedFeatures(parcelsLayer1, parcelsLayer1.FeatureClassName, true);


MgFeatureService fs = AcMapServiceFactory.GetService(MgServiceType.FeatureService) asMgFeatureService;




stringgeometryName = parcelsLayer1.GetFeatureGeometryName();


MgByteReadergeometryData = featureReader.GetGeometry(geometryName);


MgAgfReaderWriter agfReaderWriter = newMgAgfReaderWriter();


MgGeometrygeometry = agfReaderWriter.Read(geometryData);


MgPolygon mgPoly = geometry asMgPolygon;


MgWktReaderWriter wktReaderWriter = newMgWktReaderWriter();


stringwkt = wktReaderWriter.Write(mgPoly);

wkt = wkt.Replace(


wkt = wkt.Replace(

",", " 0,");

wkt = wkt.Replace(

"))", " 0))");


string filter = "GEOM INSIDE GeomFromText('" + wkt + "')";


AcMapLayer layer1 = mgLayColl.GetItem("EL_CONDUCTOR") asAcMapLayer;


MgResourceIdentifierlayerDefId = layer1.GetLayerDefinition();


MgResourceService rs = AcMapServiceFactory.GetService(MgServiceType.ResourceService) asMgResourceService;


MgByteReaderlayerReader = rs.GetResourceContent(layerDefId);


XmlDocument objXML = newXmlDocument();


XmlSerializer objSerializer = newXmlSerializer(typeof(LayerDefinition));


LayerDefinition objLayerDef = objSerializer.Deserialize(newStringReader(layerReader.ToString())) asLayerDefinition;


VectorLayerDefinitionType objVectorLayerDef = objLayerDef.Item asVectorLayerDefinitionType;

objVectorLayerDef.Filter = filter;

using (StringWriter objWriter = newStringWriter())


XmlSerializer objXs = newXmlSerializer(typeof(LayerDefinition));

objXs.Serialize(objWriter, objLayerDef);

byte[] unicodeBytes = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(objWriter.ToString());


byte[] utf8Bytes = Encoding.Convert(Encoding.Unicode, Encoding.UTF8, unicodeBytes);


MgByteSource objSource = newMgByteSource(utf8Bytes, utf8Bytes.Length);

rs.SetResource(layer1.LayerDefinition, objSource.GetReader(),








if (featureReader != null)



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