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Query with propertyalteration in .NET

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04-25-2012 10:05 AM

Can someone provide an example or link on how to create a propertyalteration in a query using C# or VB?


I have found the ObjectARX example >>here<< but my C skills are very limited.  If someone could tell me how to add that to >>this<< I will be forever in your debt. 


I am to the point where I can query text objects from a layer, but I need to know how to put them on to a different layer ("TEST" for example).

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Re: Query with propertyalteration in .NET

04-25-2012 10:43 AM in reply to: fieldguy

I should have waited.  I found the answer in the Map SDK examples in SessionSampleCommand.cs.


<CommandMethod("q8")> _
    Sub q_8()
        Dim prjModel As ProjectModel = HostMapApplicationServices.Application.ActiveProject
        prjModel.Options.MarkObjectsForEditingWithoutPrompting = True
        Dim dwgset As DrawingSet = prjModel.DrawingSet
        dwgset.AttachDrawing("some dwg file")
        Dim qryModel As QueryModel = prjModel.CurQuery
        qryModel.Mode = QueryType.QueryDraw
        Dim qryRoot As QueryBranch = QueryBranch.Create()
        Dim loccond As LocationCondition = New LocationCondition()
        loccond.LocationType = LocationType.LocationInside
        Dim polypts As New Point3dCollection()
        polypts.Add(New Point3d(p1x,p1y,p1z))
        polypts.Add(New Point3d(p2x,p2y,p2z))
        polypts.Add(New Point3d(p3x,p3y,p3z))
        polypts.Add(New Point3d(p4x,p4y,p4z))
        Dim qpoly As New PolygonBoundary(polypts)
        loccond.Boundary = qpoly
        Dim qblocation As QueryBranch = QueryBranch.Create()
        Dim propcond As PropertyCondition = New PropertyCondition()
        propcond.JoinOperator = JoinOperator.OperatorAnd
        propcond.PropertyType = PropertyType.Layer
        propcond.ConditionOperator = ConditionOperator.ConditionEqual
        Dim thelayers As String = "CSV source layer names"
        propcond.Value = thelayers
        Dim qbproperty As QueryBranch = QueryBranch.Create()
        Dim prop2 As PropertyCondition = New PropertyCondition()
        prop2.JoinOperator = JoinOperator.OperatorAnd
        prop2.PropertyType = PropertyType.EntityType
        prop2.ConditionOperator = ConditionOperator.ConditionEqual
        prop2.Value = "TEXT"
        Dim qbprop2 As QueryBranch = QueryBranch.Create()
        'alter prop
        Dim propdef As PropertyAlterationDefinition = qryModel.PropertyAlteration
        Dim propalterlayer As PropertyAlteration = Nothing
        propalterlayer = propdef.AddAlteration(AlterationType.AlterationLayer)
        propalterlayer.Expression = "TEST"
        Dim propalterstyle As PropertyAlteration = Nothing
        propalterstyle = propdef.AddAlteration(AlterationType.AlterationStyle)
        propalterstyle.Expression = "STANDARD"
        Dim queriedobjids As ObjectIdCollection = qryModel.Execute(dwgset)
End Sub

 Thanks for >>this<< djonio!

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