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Problem with reading ObjectData via AcDbDatabase

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06-14-2009 11:18 PM
Hi all

I have Drawing (Drawing 1.dwg) with some entities and these entities has attached ObjectData. When i open new (empty) dwg file and run my code so i don't get AcMapODTable object. I need to read Column Name of ObjectData, but method pODCont->GetODTable(pODTable, record.ODTableName() return kErrObjectNotFound. I don't know how Can i get Column Name when i open my Dwg files via AcDbDatabase.

thank you all for advice Milan.

AcDbDatabase* pDatabase = new AcDbDatabase(Adesk::kFalse);

if(pDatabase->readDwgFile(L"c:\\dwgTest\\Drawing1.dwg", _SH_DENYNO)!=Acad::eOk) {

m_strErr.Format(L"I can't open the file: c:\\dwgTest\\Drawing1.dwg !");



Acad::ErrorStatus es;

AcDbBlockTable* pBlockTable = NULL;

AcDbBlockTableRecord* pBlockTableRecord = NULL;

es = pDatabase->getSymbolTable(pBlockTable, AcDb::kForRead);

es = pBlockTable->getAt(ACDB_MODEL_SPACE, pBlockTableRecord, AcDb::kForRead);

es = pBlockTable->close();

AcDbBlockTableRecordIterator *pIterator = NULL;

es = pBlockTableRecord->newIterator(pIterator);

for(pIterator->start(); !pIterator->done(); pIterator->step()) {

AcMap::EErrCode ec;

Adesk::Boolean AdeskBoolean;

AcMapSession *mapApi = NULL;

cMapProject *pProj = NULL;

AcMapODContainer *pODCont = NULL;

AcMapODTable *pODTable = NULL;

mapApi = AcMapGetSession();

AdeskBool = mapApi->GetProject(pProj);

AdeskBool = pProj->GetODContainer(pODCont);

AcDbObjectId eId;

AcMapODRecordIterator* pTableIterator = NULL;

ec = pODCont->GetObjectODRecordIterator(pTableIterator);

es = pIterator->getEntityId(eId);

ec = pTableIterator->Init(eId, AcMap::kOpenForRead, Adesk::kFalse);

for(; pTableIterator->IsDone() == Adesk::kFalse; pTableIterator->Next()) {

AcMapODTableRecord record;

ec = pTableIterator->GetRecord(record);

ec = pODCont->GetODTable(pODTable, record.ODTableName());

if(ec == AcMap::kOk) {

AcMapODTableDefinition TabDef;

AcMapODColumnDefinition ColDef;

TabDef = pODTable->Definition();

for(int i = 0; i<TabDef.Count(); i++) {

TabDef.GetColumn(ColDef, i);

CString ColumnName = ColDef.Name();




delete pODTable;

delete pTableIterator;


delete pIteretator;


delete pDatabase; Edited by: hokrm on Jun 15, 2009 8:47 AM
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Re: Problem with reading ObjectData via AcDbDatabase

10-23-2012 07:41 AM in reply to: hokrm

Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm trying to do the same thing.




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