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Oracle Restrict User

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06-09-2010 12:16 AM

Hi all,


The task i've been trying to solve and need help with is to restrict an authenticated Map3D/MapGuide user from viewing/updating certain properties of the FDO schema stored in Oracle (XE) by using the Oracle GRANT for the specific column.


For example if a feature class has 10 properties besides the Geometry and FeatId, user A should have rights to view and/or edit 5 of them and user B has rights to view and/or edit the other 5.


I managed to do something for restricting edits to certain fields (by removing the update priviledges for that column in oracle) and i think that the Oracle connector knows not to display a property if the user doesn't have rights, but in Oracle there are a lot of priviledges and i don't know which to set.


Also i know there is the FDO user manager but i couldn't find if it helps.


Any experience shared is highly appreciated.





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