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MapException ErrorNotClosed

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05-30-2011 05:26 AM

Hi All.

I'm trying to remove a polygons from Topology and getting error -  MapException " ErrorNotClosed 1011"



TopologyModel topo = null; 

MapApplication mapApp = HostMapApplicationServices.Application;

Topologies topos = mapApp.ActiveProject.Topologies;

topo = topos[resTopoName];



PolygonCollectioncolPolygons = topo.GetPolygons();


for (inti = 0; i < colPolygons.Count; i++)


   Polygon poly = colPolygons[i] asPolygon;






I don't know what exactly source of this error.

I had performed multiple operations before running this code with topology

and topology is  correct and complete,  But I cannot succeed to delete polygons from topology.

By the way, Manually it's work perfectly.

Thank you for help.



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Re: MapException ErrorNotClosed

05-30-2011 10:48 AM in reply to: tint



Could you try with the DeletePolygon(polygonId ) ?

void DeletePolygon(
    System::Int32 polygonId


Does that work fine ?


Partha Sarkar

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Partha Sarkar
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Re: MapException ErrorNotClosed

05-30-2011 07:04 PM in reply to: tint


I had tried it before. But is strange. It's work only when the drawing has been saved and reopened.

Let me know how to use transaction correctly with delete polygon statement.

I think map objects not closed sufficient with transaction that I had used before.


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