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Problem with monochrome plotting

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12-10-2001 04:00 PM

I have a black&white laser (HP laserjet 4v), so I'm printing all my drawings
using plot style: Monochrome. This way all my lines are solid regardless of
color they are drawn.

Now, this work perfectly when plotting from model-space, but when I plot
from paper-space, my lines get "screened". Best part is that this doesn't
happen all the time. It depends on the drawing... I think. Most of my
drawings are originally drawn with previous versions of ACLT.

Any ideas are much appreciated.
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Re: Problem with monochrome plotting

12-10-2001 04:59 PM in reply to: *Janne

Have you tried deselecting all plot styles etc in this print mode from the print dialog box?

Botoom right print options... lineweights etc.. try unchecking them all!

Thats my only idea!!!

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12-10-2001 05:19 PM in reply to: *Janne
Thanks Dogga for quick reply.
I'll give it a go...


Problem with monochrome plotting --SOLVED--

01-08-2002 04:11 PM in reply to: *Janne
Problem solved....

After setting the "plot style" for all layers to "style 1" in layers dialog
box (which in my case is "monochrome") the printout was correct (all B&W. No
screened lines).

I don't know how is it that these settings override the plot style setting
in plot dialog?
Perhaps something to do with old ACAD version of the drawing.

Hope this helps some poor bastard like myself :smileyhappy:

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Re: Problem with monochrome plotting --SOLVED--

01-09-2002 07:28 PM in reply to: *Janne
I am a 'poor bastard' with a similar problem!

The solution doesn't work for me, I need to print say blue at 0.4mm and green at 0.15mm. The monochrome setting doesn't allow me to do this - the Laserjet printer tries to replicate the colours and rasterizes the lines!!

Any other solutions? This worked fine with AutoCAD LT 2000.
*Rudolph, Dietmar
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Re: Problem with monochrome plotting --SOLVED--

01-10-2002 06:51 PM in reply to: *Janne
>I need to print say blue at 0.4mm and green at 0.15mm.


using color-based or named plot style tables you can have every color
(or even every object) plot exactly the way you want. This not only
includes plot color and linewidth but also many additional plot
settings. Just create your own plot style table (color-based in your
case), then edit it to make blue print at 0.4mm black, green at 0.15mm
black and so on.

Dietmar Rudolph

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Vice-President Europe, CADLock, Inc.
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Re: Problem with monochrome plotting --SOLVED--

01-16-2002 08:00 PM in reply to: *Janne
Dietmars sugestion shoud work for you perfectly.
If your drawing is currently using named plot styles you can convert it to
use color-dependant plot styles using "convertpstyles" command.

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