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Lineweight won't display or plot

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02-27-2008 01:34 PM
I'm trying to plot a line weight defined by a CTB Plot Style, but the weight will not show in AutoCAD or print.

Here's what I've done;
-Set the line weight in the Plot Style Table Editor, Color 9 @
0.40mm. Grayscale has been turned on.(All other settings have
been left as default)
-Tried various combos like;
-selecting "Display plot styles" & "Plot with Plot Styles" in pg
-selecting the "Plot object lineweights". (It also turns off
"plot with plot styles" and prints in color (though grayscale is
-LWDISPLAY has bee turned on
-Neither model or paper space reflects the change.
-Line types work fine
-Changing the same line thru the Properties Manager does the
trick, but I would like to set it up properly thru the Plot Style

Back Ground Info;
-Both the dwg file and Plot Style are new and created from

If it was a printer issue, it would still show in AutoCAD correctly, right? I've searched various help tools, but seem to be going in circles. I'm sure it's a simple step I'm missing, but would like help to pin point it.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Lineweight won't display or plot

02-27-2008 02:21 PM in reply to: karbw
Is the color set to Black? This gets you monochrome.

Try turning off Adaptive Adjustment and Dithering, both aren't usually needed.

Grayscale is plot device dependent and even if it's supported, it probably needs to be configured in the color management section of the device driver dialog (via Custom Properties). Dunno if this affects LT's PREVIEW though.

Probably not, but I gotta ask:
Did screening get oops to zero? :smileywink:

Check the state of the LWT button on the bottom of your screen, too.
*Dean Saadallah
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Re: Lineweight won't display or plot

02-27-2008 02:46 PM in reply to: karbw
This works for me, for example #9 at .50mm

Dean Saadallah
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Re: Lineweight won't display or plot

03-09-2013 07:46 PM in reply to: karbw

LWT button!  geez.....


Thanks! :smileyhappy:  I was going batty.

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