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DO NOT INSTALL Autodesk 360 SYNC feature!!

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04-13-2012 11:24 AM

Installed AutoCAD LT 2013 via subscription on Tuesday April 10.  Everything was working, then I read about Autodesk 360.  Figured why not.


After the installation, it asked me if I wanted to sync my settings.  After reading what that meant, I said yes.


After it "synced my settings", my aliases no longer worked.


After calling my support personnel, they sent me what they thought the solution was:


"Thanks for calling our tech support line.  "m" = "move" is an alias. Aliases are defined in the ACAD.PGP file.


The location of the file varies with different releases but if you did a standard installation you should find it here:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD LT 2013\UserDataCache\en-us\Support


My guess is that somehow Acad.pgp got corrupted.  Please replace it with the attached file.


Let me know how it goes,"


I tried this remedy, still nothing.  I went back to AutoCAD LT 2012 and sent this support personnel a note stating that I have gone back to 2012, and to please look into the solution and get back to me.  Today is Friday April 13, and I have still not received any solution.  I have a lag in my drawings, so I thought I would figure out the solution by myself.


I tried all the typical solutions, like reinstallation of the acadlt.pgp file.  I tried checking the file paths to ensure they were all correct.  Then I tried to uninstall Autodesk 360 syncronization, and this is the solution.  Not sure what the syncing does, but it messes up your aliases..... so if you are like me and use the keyboard more than the icons, DO NOT INSTALL THE SYNCRONIZATION part of Autodesk 360.



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Re: DO NOT INSTALL Autodesk 360 SYNC feature!!

04-13-2012 11:37 AM in reply to: bsteventon

Sounds like th new LT2013 SYNC option 'moved' rather than copied your setup to the cloud. This feature, not present in LT2012 or earlier, is explained here:


"why not" should never be a reason to do anything critical to your work/billable hours :smileyhappy:

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